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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: OTR: The Facts And Overtime

Updated on June 18, 2012
Just when you think the Weird can't get any weirder
Just when you think the Weird can't get any weirder

Welcome back to Walkthrough for the final installment of the Dead Rising 2: OTR Case Walkthrough. As I said at the start of this walkthrough series when you complete this version of The Facts and Overtime, you'll be grateful that the original DR2's version was so easy. In the previous article I stressed, you should have everything you need for this Case File before you start: Weapons, food, juices, everything.

The Facts. Here it is the home stretch, so close yet so far away. You can talk to the corpses of Sullivan and Rebecca to get some nice monologue from Frank. Give TK Zombrex if you haven't done so already. Head outside and the fun begins.

Zombies, Mercs, and Bullets, Oh my! Mercs have been set up in key locations around the city in every zone. This makes it harder to get supplies when you need them especially since they respawn as well. Each merc squad consists of three members: Two with Assault Rifles and One with a Blast Frequency Gun. If you are hit by the BFG, you drop whatever item you're holding and you throw up, so he's usually my first target.

Head to the Americana Casino immediately to steer clear of the Merc Units inside the Royal Flush Plaza. You will come across a squad as you make your way to the Platinum Strip, either kill or avoid. When you go outside, you're instantly teleported to Fortune Park outside the Royal Flush Plaza Entrance. From here, you see Phenotrans helicopters drop down Harvesters and Mercs to protect them. Yeah...different from just fighting Sullivan, huh?

There are eight Harvesters total you need to destroy before the story continues. Four Harvesters form a square(kind of) in Fortune Park while there are two in each of the strips. The ones on the end of each strip only have two Mercs guarding them (1 Rifle, 1 BFG).

I'm usually a hack-and-slash kind of DR player, but guns are more recommended especially if you have a LMG. You can still use melee weapons, it is harder though. Take out the BFG guy first before dealing with the other two. Destroy the Harvester once its defenders are dead, then move on the next one. Pick up their guns along the way for you will need them. Remember to heal up before engaging the next group. This will take some time and you may get frustrated, but be patient and keep moving forward. Zombies are a burden to you, but they are also a burden on the Mercs who will get distracted when they get close.

An alternate strategy I came up with involves using the SUV. Run right toward the SUV while doing your best to avoid getting hit, which is a challenge of itself. With the SUV, you can line up your shot with the Mercs driving fast enough to knock them over and park there. This way they won't be able to fight you. Usually you want to get at least one Merc under the SUV and if you're lucky, you can get two under but don't push it. If you can get the BFG guy under there, then all the better. Once parked, exit the vehicle and deal with the free Mercs. Once they are dead, jump back into the SUV either drive/back up very slowly, exiting the vehicle to check your progress. Get them to be exposed about halfway before using a gun or knee dropping the helpless Merc onto death. This strategy works best with the Driving Magazine in inventory.

"All Your Base Are Belong To Us!"
"All Your Base Are Belong To Us!"

Stacey and Her Little Robot Friend, Too. This has to be one of the most interesting Psychopaths Fights yet. But first, you'll receive a cutscene when the last Harvester is destroyed. The transceiver from a nearby dead Merc calls, Stacey wants an update and you inform her of your progress. She wants a showdown in Uranus Zone. Get healed and healing items before you start heading over.

After that, we need an ace up our sleeve. Head in South Plaza and from there, duck into the Uranus Zone Entrance from there. Check your map, it was hard to notice at first. In this small maintenance tunnel will be a zombie or two, but head into the nearby maintenance room and make yourself a Super Slicer(Servbot Head + Lawnmower). While you're wearing it, you won't be able to use other items, but with some luck, you won't need to for this fight.

A part of Uranus Zone has been walled up and the only entrance from where you are is through a container crate that has two healing items. When you're inside, Stacey goes on about why Phenotrans did the Outbreak and why Frank is the one "destroying lives". After somewhat lengthy explanations about TK's involvement, CURE, and the purpose behind this. Stacey jumps into her stationary mech and attacks Frank.

Phase 1. This boss has three life bars and an array of nasty tricks. If you get too close to the base, you get attacked by the steam spouts there, damaging you and flying you to the back of the stage. If you get too far or just sometimes at random, she'll release a salvo of missiles that blanket a part of the playing field you're on. They hit usually far, middle, close of the field, so they are predictable to avoid or you can take cover in the container crate, but another salvo is likely to happen. Missiles will still be an ability for all three phases.

When she attacks using her mech's arms, they will stomp down once and stay in a spot for a moment. Hold down X(or Square) to run forward with the Super Slicer and just keep running into it. Once its weak armor is removed and the circuits are bare, the life bar will quickly diminish. It doesn't matter where you hit, it will keep taking life. You should damage the life bar about halfway each time. Once she is done to two life bars, the next phase will begin.

Phase 2. In frustration, Stacey will smash the hands of her mech together, freeing them of the debris they were holding. Her arms gain two new attacks while no longer stomping:

- Crate Throw - The arm will go behind the wall and pick up a large crate, throwing it at Frank. Dodge Roll or run away to avoid.
- Triple Stab - With one or both arms she stabs the ground three times from the outside toward the center where they get stuck. Avoid and run at them with the Super Slicer at this time.

Phase 3. With one life bar remaining, the arms of the mech malfunction and fall off, exposing the contents of the two large crates on either side of the stage(Missiles For You!) and they act as the stepping stones to get atop them. Also leaving the head of the mech to drop down and engage the field. Her abilities here are:

- Head Bash - She follows Frank for a second and bashes the mech head forward to the far point of the field. Dodge Roll perpendicularly from the head is the only means to dodge, it sometimes may not work though.
- Head Smack - Usually happens when on one of the crates, she will just use the mech head to hit you from the side than the front.
- Flamethrower Spray - She will go from one side of the field (left-to-right or vice versa) either high or low, spraying flame across the entire field. Either getting on or off one of the large crates is your only option.

She can no longer be damaged during this phase by regular means. You have to climb onto the crate whenever she isn't releasing a missile salvo if the head will be outside the field and press B(or Circle) to kick the missiles inside the crates and they will blanket the field damaging the mech, causing the head to fall onto the ground. Just when the missiles closest to you explode, jump down and run toward the center of the field where the head is, press B(or Circle) again to engage Stacey in a four button press sequence where if successful, she loses a third of her health. Afterward, the head raises and Frank goes back to the ground.

When you use a crate, it will be on cooldown for a minute or so whether it hits or misses. Go to the other crate and repeat. Once the first crate is back off of cooldown, use it to engage the third sequence of four button presses and end The Facts.

A nice cutscene where Stacey enjoys a new metal pancake diet and Frank gets ahold of the satellite phone. He manages to get the Firebombing stopped and the survivors rescued. If you gave TK Zombrex, Frank heads back to get TK to find both him and Rebecca missing. Otherwise, enjoy Ending A.

"Wait...I have to rescue her AGAIN?"
"Wait...I have to rescue her AGAIN?"

Day 5, 2:00 AM. It instantly puts up where the last cutscene left off when TK calls saying Frank should have looked at Rebecca better for she was still alive and he has her. If Frank wants to see her again, he has to be an errand boy getting TK several items and delivering them to the Fortune City Arena. You have twelve game hours before Rebecca dies. On a lighter note, all the Mercs have disappeared from the game.

Once you've got control back, you still retain all items from the previous fight. Still you may want to get healing items and maybe a weapon or two, but keep some space in your inventory. Like the original, all of TK's items are marked with a small purple symbol and hold no inventory space.

First, head into the Americana Casino and go into the small security room there to get the Compromising Photo. From there, head back to the Royal Flush Plaza and go into Roy's Mart to retrieve the Painkillers from the same room as your first Zombrex, there are two Gas Zombies here. Next is Slot Ranch Casino, inside their security room to the right of the Stage is the Gauze. Head out to the Silver Strip and visit the "Pub O'Gold" for the Expensive Champagne which is on the shelf of the back bar. Backtrack a little bit, go into the "Hot Excitorama" (remember there may be a Zombie Trap when he head into the back room) and out into the alleyway, head into the Palisades Mall. Go up the escalator to 2nd Floor and enter "Chris's Fine Foods" for two Wines and then onto the "Kokonutz Sports Town", the Men's Silk Thong is right there on the floor. Go down the stairs right in the store and go into the Atlantica Casino.

At the bar area, "Sipparellos". Mix yourself a Quickstep(Wine+Wine), a Painkiller(Beer+Beer), and a Repulse(Beer+Beans). Beer is everywhere here and this is the only bar in the game that should have Beans. DO NOT drink any of them yet, just keep them in inventory.

Head out to Uranus Zone to be close to the First Aid Station where inside the Operating Room is the Sutures. Go to the west side of this zone and enter the Underground. When the screen returns, there is a motorcycle standing next to you, board it and go toward TK's Train in front of the South Plaza Loading Area. You can either jump on the back of the train and go to the front car or go to the front and jump down from the roof. Inside the front cabin is TK's Zombrex Stash and the last item you need. Keep heading north until you are in the Americana Casino's Station, head up the stairs, go to the men's restroom and save your game.

Once saved, head to the Fortune City Arena and go down the long hall on the west side. Before clicking on the twin safety doors, drink your three juices and enter for the final Psychopath Fight.

"You're in for it now, Chuc...I mean Frankie."
"You're in for it now, Chuc...I mean Frankie."

Once you open the door, you get a cutscene where TK knocks Frank out with an electric cattle prod. Another cutscene starts, Frank is unconscious on the wrestling ring from the first mini-game. TK celebrates his victory with Rebecca barely alive on the ground next to him. As TK rants on how Frank is going to die in that ring, Rebecca inches her way closer to a control box without TK's notice.

If you drank the three juices, you will be faster, ignore damage, and the zombies won't notice you for a short period of time. Take these free moments and gather all the items you can around the field and prepare three of the grinders, always keeping that fourth if you're being overwhelmed. Unlike the first mini-game, you will start with the ring fully on the ground and now Gas Zombies are in the mix. As with every non-DLC Dead Rising Final Boss Fight, you start with no items in your inventory. The goal is to survive for two minutes. Try to avoid as best you can and keep your health high.

At the end of the two minutes, Rebecca grabs the control box and lowers a rope to Frank, TK notices and hits her, but Frank is now with TK on top of the arena. This fight is just like the original Dead Rising more or less.

The fighting area consists of three donut-shaped platforms. The center platform is where you fight TK hand-to-hand. If you enter the left and right platforms, TK will use the pyrotechnics there to wound you, but there are more cardboard boxes containing items you may need. Elbow Drop to destroy the boxes(may take some practice), you can do one drop before the fireworks catch up with you, so run around the circle and try again. Get some food, you should have enough melee weapons from the first round to take out TK.

TK's attacks:
- He swipes his microphone across and can do a backhand attack afterward.
- If he twirls his microphone around high, he's about to lunge forward with a stab.
- He brings his arms over his head for an overhead attack.
- He can laugh and follow up with a strike.
- His worst attack is he pulls himself back and does a fast headfirst charge. If he hits you, he rams you into a wall. You need to wiggle your joystick a few times followed by two timed button presses. If you succeed, TK is temporarily stunned for a few seconds. If you fail, he knocks you down and he will hurt Rebecca lowering her health.

This fight is on a time limit as Rebecca is bleeding out. The upside to the time limit is you can patch her up to increase your time, she's at the center of the center platform, it is best when TK jumps off the arena for a moment to do this. You can avoid most attacks by simply walking away. You need to Dodge Roll the stab attack and the charge (not Backstep, so run away from TK first before Dodge Roll). Immediately hit him with a good melee weapon(Baseball Bat, Crowbar, Folding Chair) after each attack.

Once he's dead, TK gets what he deserves...again and enjoy Ending S where Frank scoops his lady into his arms and walks off into the sunset before...ZOMBIE! That's the end of this edition of Walkthrough covering Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. I hope you liked these walkthroughs and hoped they got you through the game. Until next time, good bye and good day.


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