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Ragnarok Online War of Emperium

Updated on March 5, 2013

War of Emperium

Ragnarok Online War of Emperium

War of the Emperium

This is SPARTA! No kidding :D

This is Ragnarok Online War Of Emperium! A battle of guilds for prestigious rewards and bragging rights!. People love Ragnarok Online mostly because of WOE. It gives thrill to fight side by side with your guildmates and alliances against other guilds. The challenge is how you could break the emperium till the time runs out. Whoever breaks the emperium before the time runs out wins!. Mostly WOE is done in different Maps in Alde, Payon, Prontera, etc. There are other types of WOE like the First Edition (FE) and the Second Edition (FE).

Let's face it! Ragnarok Online has been outdated when it comes to animation and graphics. But when it comes to gameplay, Ragnarok Online is the GODFATHER of it all!

People love WOE because they learn a lot from it. No matter if its win or lose. The integral part of playing WOE is Teamwork and Strategy. How the GL (Guild Leader) handles the guild, alliance or guild extension if applicable.

Reason #3 discusses How Great Guild Leaders are Born! Check it out

This is a video example of how WOE works!


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