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War Thunder German Aircraft Review

Updated on March 27, 2014

War Thunder is an air, land and sea combat mmo. In it's current form war thunder is a fantastic air combat game which can be controlled by keyboard and mouse, Future expansions will include playable land and sea units. This focusses on the German aircraft available in war thunder. Later editions will cover the Russians, Americans and Japanese.

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Low Tiers

So you want to play German aircraft do you? A word of warning to the uninitiated. You have a gruelling grind in front of you before the real fun begins. Fun for German aircrew in War Thunder is multiple BF109s with underslung 20 mil Cannons or perhaps a Fockewulf 190 A-5/U2 with 6 20mm cannons and two 7.95mm is more your go. The germans are blessed with robust fighters and fighter bombers with lethal armaments. This comes at the expense of a decent heavy bomber.

Before you get into the hard hitting fighter fun you must first do the Grind...

There are 4 variants of the Heinkel 51 3 reserve and 1 Level 1. The He51 is an under gunned Bi-plane. Learn the game controls and move on as quickly as possible.

Tier 1

Opens a multitude of trees the Italian line commences with the CR42. Don't get too excited the CR42 falco is still a biplane. It still has two machine guns. The good news is the machine guns are 12.7mm compared to the 7.92 you have become accustomed to in the Heinkel 51. The CR 42 is also the first instalment in the Italian tree which will give you access to some useful aircraft as you start the grind to higher levels. The strange thing with the Italian line is that it starts with single engine fighters and ends with twin engine bombers at Tier 3. I played the Italians for the MC200 however you may choose to skip them all together in favour of other lines. I didn't like the He112 initially but the He 112 A-0 offers a single 20mm canon and the He112 B-O is a standout for its tier with twin mgs and twin 20mm cannon. An ugraded B-O is dominant at Tier 1. If you like it as much as I do you may even by the premium version the He112B-1. The Japanese A7He1 is another premium version of the same plane.

Tier II

AT Tier II the Germans start to assert themselves in the single engine fighter ranks. The Italian tree open at Tier 2 with a useful single engine fighter The MC202 and then moves to 4 versions of the SM79 a useful torpedo bomber but nothing to get excited about especially when the next tree over contains enough BF109e's to fill your roster. in the Heavy fighter tree the bomb toting Me110 is replaced with DO217s that couldn't lift my three month old. on the next tree over the Stuka fanatics get another couple of planes that only a stuka fanatic could love.

In bomber land we have the JU 88 A-4 with an ugraded payload of 20x50kg and 4x250 kg bombs this plane can get some ground kills and is quite manouverable. The Ju88 is followed by the He111 H-6 where the recommended payload is 8 x 250kg bombs. I still prefer the Ju88

It is quite sad to say that the best "German" bomber is the premium German badged Wellington especially considering the disdain I expressed for Wellintons in my Best of British page!


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