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Warcraft Gold Tips for Newbies

Updated on June 12, 2013
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Newbie tips

Welcome to the world of warcraft! If you are new to the game then you may have realised that it can be expensive travelling the lands of azeroth. Well I will explain to you how you can make vast amounts of gold so that you can buy everything that you need in game.

The first thing you should do is create your character. Hunters tend to be the best for first time players.

Once you have created your character start questing. You will earn money from the quests and also from the kills that you make when you loot the mobs you have killed.

In the world of warcraft there is a colour coded system to tell you at a glance whether the items you have picked up are common or not. The code goes like this:

Grey= Junk (you are best off selling these items to vendors)

White= Common (these are useful in some way to other players, white items can be weapons, armour, or materials. These are best sold at the auction house)

Green= Uncommon (sell these at the auction house to make alot of gold)

Blue= Rare (these can bring you a vast fortune if sold in the auction house)

Purple= Epic (these items are extramely difficult to get hold of and sell for vey high prices in the auction house)

As you can see from the above list I suggest that you sell most items in the auction house. Basically this is because at any given time there is someone who can make use of the items that you have and will pay alot of gold to get them.

The auction houses are located in all of the major cities in Azeroth so are easily accessible. There are many guides out there that explain how to use the auction house so I won't bother going into that.


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