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Warcraft's Cataclysm: A priest review

Updated on February 17, 2011

Warcraft? Wtf is Warcraft?

How is this for "Girls don't play World of  Warcraft" ( a popular controversial subject often found in the trade chat section of this popular,even most popular MMORP game)... yes they do. I know plenty of women that play Warcraft, both online and offline, so that theory must abate itself at once. Having said that, I have been playing WoW since the burning crusade. I was a noob and a pretty poor one at that. I started my first character, a night elf rogue, with absolutely no idea of the content of the game. In fact, I thought you could "beat the game" and ultimately put it down one day.

Warcraft isn't a beatable game. In fact, it never ends. Its a world within the world we live in wherein healers keep you alive, warriors beat your face in, rogues take on the roles of nothing more than a pesky flea or a hard adversary depending on their skill and so on. (I'll just go ahead and admit here that I am one of those "shake it off" rogues. I'm terrible, or as said in World of Warcraft- terribad.) To make up for my inability to fight as melee, I can say that my next toon worked out quite well for me: a healer. And, I'm quite uber. I won't lend myself to the stereotypes that claim that if a woman does in fact play Warcraft, she's a healer. So settle your snickers. I also have a hunter that I can play amazingly well and I'm often well known in PVP for being the death knight or feral druid you should avoid. But its ok... you can laugh at my horrible rogue skills I possess, such as dismantling squishes. Rogues are the one toon you must play with precision. I obviously lack that quality. The rest of the melee classes pretty much just mash and smash, as I call it. That is not a reliable survivability tool for a rogue and has resulted in my death numerous, numerous times. Getting off the subject for how humiliating it was for me to roll a rogue, lets talk cataclysm.

Well, Everything has Changed...

Cataclysm: The Shattering is just as stated. I can't think of one faucet of the game that has not changed in some way, whether small or large:

  • Stormwind- the main capitol of the Alliance, has been attacked and noticeable changes have occurred. Orgrimmar- the main capitol of the Horde, is now harder to sneak into as a rogue. Darn.
  • There is a new race- the Worgen. I learned by default that these creatures sniff, snort and chortle. I was actually enthralled by "whats that sound" as I stood at the Auction House in Stormwind two nights ago. To my surprise, the sniffing, snorting and chortling was coming from a nearby Worgen. Neat. I believe he also wheezed, but that is up for debate.
  • There are new mounts, flying mounts, pvp gear, stats, stat systems, gems, potions, dungeons, bosses and the list goes on.

I must admit I wasn't that heavily excited about the release of Cataclysm. To me, learning the world over again after I had spent so much time perfecting my toons ( even my terribad rogue), was a bit of a drab. I bought the expansion on time, but didn't sign in until a week after its release.

I didn't sleep that week. I'm pretty sure I gained weight from eating whatever I could grab, and my house was falling apart.

Rush, Drink, Die, Rinse and Repeat

The first toon that I tried to level in Cataclysm was my priest. I logged into her first, more than excited, to check out all of the new cool places, items and loot tables, etc. I believe I leveled her to 82 and put her on brief pause. Why? I became a bit irate. When I boarded a boat in Stormwind following a quest chain, I noticed that an NPC had my priest's name very similar to mine. When I reached my questing destination, one of the first quests in the quest line was for me to return a "box of crabs" to Adarrah. Adarrah? Was it seriously necessary for me to complete a quest called "Got Crabs", or something of the like, to an NPC with a name eerily close to mine? I wasn't happy. I signed off my priest in a rush and logged onto my rogue. Was that the only reason I ditched my priest? No. Of course not. I very soon realized that leveling as a shadow priest was necessary. In fact, I re- speccd from discipline to shadow before I even took on the venture of leveling. The problem was, I was running out of mana exceptionally fast. The bigger problem was that since everyone and their brother was playing Warcraft, Blizzard had it set so that mobs spawned exceptionally fast. This of course, ended with me standing at the nearest graveyard more often than not. After being sent off to kill for example, eight charbringers- killing the first two would set my mana at darn near zero. As I would sit down to drink, a nifty little charbringer would rez on my head, put me in combat and ultimately kill me due to lack of mana. I learned a little too late, and many repair bills later that Cataclysm was a rush rush scenario:

A rush to kill. A rush to mount. A rush to fly away and regain mana, and a rush to drive back in. The hum drum of doing this wore me out.

At least with my rogue, I had the option to vanish when a freshly killed mob reincarnated itself upon my head- only to find out that vanish really isn't vanish. ( a common rogue glitch). Come on Blizzard, for the love of God fix the rogue glitches. Inadvertently, I found out in PVP later that night that the priest "fade" ability will no longer get a hunter pet or warlock minion off of you. Nope, they keep on coming.

It seemed that no matter what character I logged into, I wasn't happy. The only thing that kept pressing me forward with leveling however was the plethora of money I was making. My priest now has over 20,000 gold and my rogue around about 11k. My alchemy profession on my rogue and jewel crafting profession on my priest always did pan out to be two of the better professions one could pick. I dabbled in the new "archaeology" profession added by Blizzard only to find out that I was bored, and quite quickly. I heard there are big rewards to obtain with this profession, so I plan on investing in some pep coffee to keep me awake while traveling to various dig sites.

Someone Else Feels "iffy" about Cataclysm

Cataclysm is Boring

After a week, no sleep and some extra padding of the love handles, I had two level 85's. To be quite frank however, I'm bored. Considering I am somewhat of an achievement nut, I decided to crank out as many achievements as I could. As I type, I am in the process of giving various creatures my love, and hunting down any in game pets I can get my hands on... which brings me to my next point.

Why the nerf in vendor pets? I believe I have counted three in game pets that can be obtained via questing so far. Through a bit of research, I see that my hopes for more have been squandered. Why list an achievement for pet collecting if getting the required amount takes real cash outside of the game? I find it a bit upsetting.. and boring. 

The PVP gear also seems to be unfair. What was shocking to me about cataclysm in general, remains the same for the pvp gear as well: Epics are out/blues are in. Bosses no longer drop epics unless you are in a raid. PVP is no longer epic unless you have a raid pvp team. One of the mottos of warcraft is to "take everything in moderation". I fully believe in that, considering I have a real life to live... so why the push for spending an enormous amount of time online, just to get the best gear? Blizzard doesn't get paid by how much time it's users spend online, but rather for how many users they have. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and ran Halls of Origination thinking that perhaps any blue drops I could get my hands on would at least pep me up.

FORTY NINE MINUTE WAIT. Wait, what? First off, you now must discover the dungeons before you can que, and when you do que, it comes up as a battleground que per se. I was absolutely astonished at the wait time. Forty nine minutes? To make matters worse, I got Dc'd at thirty four minutes and it knocked me out of que. Two hours later, I was in the Hall of Orgination. Boring. Lame. Not very eventful and not much went into downing the bosses.

I gave up a ring that a hunter in the group was whining over, but rolled "need" on my LEATHER belt. So did the HUNTER. When I got the belt, and he didn't, he left the party after throwing a slight tantrum, leaving us with only four people to down the rest of the dungeon and only one boss. Needless to say, we didn't finish the dungeon, and there was no way I was remotely waiting another 40, 30 or even 20 minutes to get back in.My getting into hunters rolling on rogue gear is a whole 'nother topic, but in short: stop it. You wear mail. Now please get over it.

After exhausting myself with a boring dungeon, opening up all of the reputation vendors, and looting enough herbs to keep gold income flowing, I decided to PVP on my priest.

There is always PVP, right?

HUGE mistake. Pre Cataclysm, I never pvp'ed as shadow. I always pvp'd as holy or discipline. At one point, I pulled a hybrid spec together that worked out really well. It was only November of this year that it took more than three fully geared dps to take me down. I prided myself on that. Que-ing up as Shadow made me Leary. I was having mana problems in PVE and even though I respecced for PVP, it made no difference. I soon felt like a mage, but without evocation. Dot, drink, dot, drink, dot drink. Time after time, I found myself almost or nearly killing someone- only to have to disperse and run away to hide and drink. Having almost 100 k mana- one would think this wouldn't happen, but it does, and way too often.

It was in PVP however that I realized as a casual player, all I really have left to do now that I am level capped is:

  • Make money
  • PVP
  • Que for random dungeons and gouge my eyes out at the que time.

My expectations of cataclysm haven't stood up to the test. I fully expected that the game wouldn't have been geared more for the non casual players, but it truly is. I don't know about you, but I don't have 10 hours a week to put into doing two raids, to MAYBE receive my first piece of epic gear that the game will let me have.

I think Blizzard needs to revamp some of their thinking and make the game a bit more user friendly to those who don't raid, aren't in guilds, or don't wish to spend a bazillion hours online playing a game. Besides, I have a house to clean, children to tend to, a job to work and a Christmas tree to decorate. And Blizzard? If you're going to give an NPC a name so remotely close to mine, could you at least not give her crabs?

It's only December 22nd, at at this point- I have no reason to further log into Warcraft, except for PVP... because something about having my face beat in by a guild all wearing epics just randomly excites me.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm

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