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Warframe Zephr Prime Access Review

Updated on March 23, 2018
Prime Access
Prime Access | Source

Today I will be discussing the Zephyr Prime Access as a whole and give you my review on it. I will be fair and state that I both bought her and farmed her in doing this review to give you my thoughts on it. Like all Prime Access's these are optional in the game of Warframe as you can farm the frame and weapons from relics. However, I will discuss that later in this article about how the grind was. I will like to point out that buying the prime access is a good way to support the game as well as get the benefit of instant access to the items instantly. You will also receive a decent amount of platinum (premium currency) that you can use on other things. The only thing that can't be obtained without purchase is the cosmetics which will be discussed later. Below will be the current packages and the prices (in USD)

Airburst $49.99 ($100) Value

  • 1050 Platinum
  • Tiberon Prime
  • Kronen Prime

Turbulence $79.99 ($205) Value

  • 2625 Platinum
  • Zephyr Prime
  • Tiberon Prime
  • Kronen Prime
  • Exclusive Zephyr Prime Profile Glyphs

Tornado $139.99 ($380 Value)

  • 3990 Platinum
  • Zephyr Prime
  • Tiberon Prime
  • Kronen Prime
  • Exclusive Zephyr Prime Profile Glyphs
  • Prime Accessories

Exclusive Pack Prime Accessories $49.99 ($110 Value)

  • Commodore Flight Suit (Cosmetic)
  • Tibor Prime Armor (Cosmetic)
  • Tibor Prime Gene-Masking Kit
  • 90 Day Affinity Booster
  • 90 Day Credit Booster
  • Bonus: Kavat Pack (Kavat Incubator Segment, Kavat DNA, Incubator Power Cell, and DNA Stabilizers)


Cosmetics are exclusive to every prime access and can only be obtained through purchasing them. This can be done by the Tier 3 package that includes everything or the Prime Accessories pack which includes the cosmetics and boosters which are always a benefit. That said, the cosmetics this prime access were decent I would say the best cosmetic would be the Commodore Flight suit as it matches well with Zephyr Prime. The Tibor Prime Armor looks good on both Kavats but I would suggest using it on Adarza as it blends good with them.

Zephyr Prime
Zephyr Prime | Source

Zephyr Prime

Now we come to the Warframe that this prime access was named after Zephr Prime. Since Zephyr's rework Zephyr Prime has benefited from it greatly and I would say she is rather good now. While she might not be ground breaking like Hydroid or Oberon she has some good tools going for her. Currently you can use Tornado's in a bugged way which will likely be patched in the future. Right now her tornado's can essentially become "Tornado Nukes" with the combined elemental corrosive which pretty much eliminates any enemies in them while proccing hilarious amount of corrosive damage. Be aware that this could change in a hotfix as I believe this was not intended with her tornado's.

Like all primes she has a few enhanced stats as well as the unique ability of gaining 250 energy from death orbs in the Void. Her currently changed stats are 60 more armor bumping her up from 15 to 75 and .05 increase to sprint speed making her slightly faster. The armor bump is significant as it gives her more survivability then normal Zephyr but not by much. The speed bump while nice isn't really a huge significance as she's already one of the faster Warframes similar to Loki or Nezha. She also received two more additional polarities which helps with formaing her.

Tiberon Prime
Tiberon Prime | Source

Tiberon Prime

Time to talk about the best part of the this prime access in my opinion the Tiberon Prime. One of the most anticipated rifles to get a primed version is finally here. The Original Tiberon prior to it's buff with the most recent Balance Pass was considered a solid burst rifle that could carry you through most of the game. However, it lost out to the competition as newer and stronger weapons came out. It also lost out due to critical hits and status damage becoming more required in this game. However, that's in the past since the original rifles buff and now the Prime is finally here.

The Tiberon Prime is unique as it has three fire modes vs. the Tiberon's one. This includes Burst (Normal), Semi, and Full Auto. This makes it a rifle that can fill whatever role you want. However, the weakest fire mode is probably semi as the burst mode is relatively better despite it having a weaker critical multiplier. The Full Auto mode allows you to reach 100% status which is good as it allows you to proc a lot of status's in a short amount of time. That said, with a 42 round magazine it's a moderate ammo capacity for assault rifles putting it near par with the Braton Prime's 75 round magazine. But, whichever way you go with the Tiberon Prime it has you covered pretty much through every piece of content in this game.


Kronen Prime

Kronen Prime a.k.a "Prime Disappointment" by the community is the newest edition to the melee family of weapons which is bloated by the sheer number of them. I will say that while the Kronen Prime isn't spectacular in any way it's okay as all melee is pretty good right now. One thing the Kronen Prime has going for it is that it looks amazing and has okay stats to back it up. It won't blow you away but it will get the job done and pretty much kill most of the enemies you hit. So, there isn't really much to talk about the Kronen Prime as it's kinda meh.

relic | Source


For those who don't want to purchase the Prime Access you can farm Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime, and Kronen Prime yourself to either keep or sell. It took me roughly two days of farming in order to get every piece that I needed. Below I will list the relics and rarity for convenience.

Zephyr Prime

  • Lith H1 - Zephyr Prime Neuroptics (common)
  • Lith Z1 - Zephyr Prime Systems (rare)
  • Neo K1 - Zephyr Prime Chassis (uncommon)
  • Neo Z1 - Zephyr Prime Blueprint (rare)

Tiberon Prime

  • Meso T1 - Tiberon Prime Barrel (rare)
  • Meso T2 - Tiberon Prime Stock (rare)
  • Meso O2 - Tiiberon Prime Receiver (common)
  • Axi O2 - Tiberon Prime Blueprint (uncommon)

Kronen Prime

  • Neo B4 - Kronen Prime Handle (uncommon)
  • Axi H3 - Kronen Prime Blueprint (common)
  • Axi K2 - Kronen Prime Blade (rare)

Five rares - Three uncommon - three common

The grind for this prime access was definitely a little longer and above average than normal in terms of the number of rares. Also it should be noted that none of the relics overlap allowing you to farm more than one of the items at a time. For example, in a relic you would find a Zephyr Prime Systems with a Kronen Prime Blueprint. However, that's not the case in this particular prime access which forces you to farm each one of the relics required to obtain each of the items. I was lucky to be able to get enough relics to each item within a few tries. However, this is tied into rng so you may not be as lucky. So, I would say this prime access is a little more difficult in terms of the grind than others. However, it's doable especially if you can find relic shares and farm for each part as a group which will increase your chances.

In the end I would say this grind is worth it especially for the Tiberon Prime and Zephyr Prime. The Kronen is something you don't need to really farm for unless you really want it to complete the entire prime access set. I would wait on the Kronen but that's my opinion so it's up to you.

Verdict | Source

Final Verdict

My final verdict on this Prime Access is 7 out of 10 as it's a relatively basic prime access coming with one good weapon and a decent cosmetics. Zephyr Prime herself is fine and she's in a much better place since her rework. Prior she would be as bad as the Kronen Prime in my opinion. Which brings me back to the Kronen Prime while it's not terrible it's just not going to compete with some of the great melee weapons out there.

I just want to thank everyone who took the time to read this. Hopefully this will give you some information before you buy or farm this prime access. I will likely write an article on a complete relic and prime part framing guide in the future.

Prime Access

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Tornado Nukes

© 2018 Trevor James MacEwan


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