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Warhammer 40,000 Ork Nobz Box Set Review

Updated on April 21, 2010


Its been a long time since we need a plastic mob of Ork nobz! Plastic kits are better in my opinion cause they are cheaper, lighter to carry around for gaming purposes, and easier to cut/modify for modelling purposes.

Nobz Bits :

10 x Nobz Head 5 x Nobz Front Torso
5 x Nobz Back Torso + Legs
2 x Empty Left Hand (for use with big choppas or Kombi-Weapons)
5 x Empty Right Hand
1 x Left arm w/ Drill
2 x Right Arm w/ Power Klaw
1 x Left Arm w/ Power Klaw
1 x Single Power Klaw blade
2 x Double Power Klaw blades
3 x Left Arm w/ Slugga
2 x Right Arm w/ Slugga
3 x Right Arm w/ Choppa
2 x Left Arm w/ Choppa
1 x Left Arm w/ Buzzsaw
1 x Right Arm w/ Kombi-Skorcha
2 x Right Arm w/ Kombi-Rokkit Launcha

Other bits

26 x Shoulder Pads
3 x Iron Gob
2 x Shoota Magazines
1 x Belt w/ 3 skulls
1 x Orky Pony-tail hair
1 x Orky Pony-tail hair w/skull
1 x Pistol w/ cover
1 x Pistol w/ cover + Machete
1 x Pistol w/ cover + Squig
3 x Bosspole
6 x Clan Symbols (Goff, Evil Sunz, Bad Moons, Snakebites, etc.)
1 x Empty Bosspole
1 x Ammo Runt (Grot w/Stikbomm and a bag of ammos)

There are quite a number of bitz in this set, but most of it are only suitable for Nobz, Flash Gitz or maybe the Warboss by giving him the ammo runt, squig, pistols and bosspoles and clan symbols (but it may make him look puny though...). Unlike the Ork Boyz box set, there isn't much extra bitz to add flavor to your minis, they just give you most of the necessary bitz that is usable in the game, such as all available weapon upgrades, ammo runt, attack squig, bosspoles and armor upgrades.

The other thing is that the Nobz torso is attached to the legs, so unless you do some cutting, there is no way you can twist its legs to your liking or swap it with the Ork Boyz' Nob. At least the nob heads have some unique designs which is good to swap with the ork boyz' nob though.

The big choppas look great and intimidating on the table. It's debatable whether the big choppas is good in the game or not, but I'll just leave the decision to you. There are extra weapons we which doesn't exist in the game, such as the buzzsaw arm (which looks like a 'dread/kan) and the drill arm, which looks pretty cool as well. I guess they can proxied as a power klaw...

There are 26 shoulder pads in this kit! You can put two on each of the five nobz and still have 1 extra left. Its good if you want to add armors to other units like regular Ork Boyz or Flash Gitz.

Pros : Good number or Nob heads for customization, many new and uniques bits such as the squig, ammo runt and the weapons. Big Choppas look mighty awesome, the drill arm and buzzsaw arm is an interesting option for your nob models. LOADS of shoulder pads, Clan symbols for almost all the clans. Plastic miniatures = cheaper miniatures

Cons : Torso is stuck to the legs which limits customization unless you cut it, not as much extra bitz compare to the ork boyz box, No Painboy model upgrade provided.

Final Verdict : Ork Nobz are pretty strong in the field, but you may need a Painboy to make your squad even more 'ard and killy! Even if you don't play the miniature game that much, they still look good on your table with those big choppas and kombi-weapon together.

Rating : 8.5/10

Retail Price : US $25.00 / GB £15.00

Amazon Price : ~USD$19.99 (excluding shipping)


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