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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Tactics - Win Battles With Clever Infantry Formations

Updated on November 5, 2015

Age of Sigmar - Few Rules, Many Tactics?

With only 4 pages of rules, Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop has been considered to have lost some of the strategic elements, that the war gamer's love. How can a game with books of rules remain as strategic when all those rules are condensed into only 4 pages?

For a free copy of the Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Rules click here

Look no further this hub will open your eyes to some simple infantry (hero, monster,unit) formations that can help improve your odds of a major battle victory.

Warhammer AOS Infantry Tactics - Know Your Strengths!

Now you can field whatever size and race army you fancy. However you must first understand that each model has strengths and weaknesses. Some of your chosen Warhammer troops have excellent offensive capabilities, others are designed to endure, taking hit after hit. Some are weak and squishy but have game changing powers or general command abilities.

I classify units into the categories below.

  1. Hammer units (shock troops) - hard hitting, powerful, often have bonuses for charging. These troops can include combat orientated heroes, medium and heavy cavalry, chariots, heavy armored/ multiple attacks.
  2. Anvil units (basic troops, swarms) - Designed to lock opponents troops into combat. These troops are weaker in combat but may have multiple wounds, wound avoidance or simply large numbers. These troops often gain bonuses/ buffs making them more offensive/defensive.
  3. Hunters units (strong offense - no staying power) - Primarily used to attack heroes or war-machines. Often have large move range (8 - 16 inches). May have special deployment rules/offensive combat ability.
  4. Wall units (block areas of battle field) - Units that are deployed to hold strategic points on the Warhammer battle field. Any unit can be used as a wall unit but defensive combat abilities, good saves or multiple wounds are advisable.
  5. Missile Units ( shoot em up) - Archers etc cause wounds at range, weak in close combat.
  6. Support Units (abilities to add bonuses/buffs) - Varied. The support troops you choose can dramatically alter how your Age of Sigmar army performs. Choose them wisely.

Multi Block - Use melee range wisely!

Many Warhammer players are used to setting up infantry in rows and columns. Now that Age of Sigmar uses a loose "skirmish formation" many more options for troop combinations exist.

All models have a range at which they can attack an enemy model. Most infantry ( Stormcast Eternal, Goblins, undead, Empire etc) have a 1 inch melee range. This means that only enemy figures within a close proximity can be attacked.

Many troops (of all races) have a melee range of 2 or more inches. This feature combined with the looser formation enables you to set a row of close range infantry (Anvil style troops) with a harder hitting "shock troop/support model". This will help instantly provide more attacks, which ultimately will help you kill more enemy units.

You can wrap the front infantry around 3-4 sides and then "back up" with the 2" support or shock troop. Examples of this include: High elf sword-men backed up by Halberds from the Empire. Skeleton spearmen supported by Wraiths or Necropolis Knights.

Warhammer AOS infantry strategies

Age of Sigmar - combination infantry block strategy.
Age of Sigmar - combination infantry block strategy.

Age Of Sigmar Tactics - Combination Wedge Formation

This formation has been used for hundreds of years in real historical battlefields. The loose skirmish deployment now means that Warhammer Age of Sigmar can actually recreate the hecticness and chaos of normal battles.

You can deploy troops in a wedge formation. 1 model, 2 behind the first, 3 behind them etc. Now you can deploy heroes, support or shock troops within a secondary weaker unit ( see above). So you can have the first model as a weaker unit the second 2 spots could be filled with 2 different types of support/shock or hero spots and the weaker unit then filling the remainder of the wedge.

This formation additionally helps to reduce the enemy "pile in " whilst allowing you to maximize your own pile in. This formation also allows you to place 3" range melee attack units to create further combat phase carnage.

This formation has a slight disadvantage, your troops will struggle to remain in formation if any of the units run. ( 1d6 Additional move). This can be easily over come by only running the minimum or placing faster troops behind the front troop.

Combination wedge

Combination wedge formation for Age of Sigmar
Combination wedge formation for Age of Sigmar

Combination wall formation

The wall formation is used to hold strategic positions upon the battlefield. The wall unit is generally speaking a solid defensive unit ( see above). Now in the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar you can make that wall into a combination of support/shock troops and defensive units.

For example a unit of heavily armored troops could be interspersed with a unit of multiple attack support units. This makes the wall a very thorny obstacle to defeat. Of course this formation can additionally be supported by adding a secondary row of 2" melee range troops. 2 rows with 3 different troop types!

Age of sigmar combination wall formation

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