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Warhammer Fantasy: The High Elves Army

Updated on May 23, 2013
High Elf Lord on Dragon by Games Workshop
High Elf Lord on Dragon by Games Workshop | Source

What is this thing you call Warhammer?

Simply put Warhammer is a table top game created by Games Workshop. There are two types of Warhammer gaming by Games Workshop: Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40000. The High Elves are part of the Warhammer Fantasy battle game. Warhammer Fantasy is played with miniatures.

So in this Warhammer is not just a table top game, but a hobby because you have to assemble, painting is optional, your own army. There is great freedom in the Warhammer games, there is no set paint guide you have to use. Assembly of your army also yields many options.

In Warhammer Fantasy there are many different possibilities for your army. You can be a human faction, the Empire, Bretonnia, and Kislev. But maybe your type lies in the realm of non-human such as Lizardmen, Skaven, of Chaos Daemons. There are many armies to choose from and within each army you have options available to you as well.

Choosing your army is no small feat.

High Elves

Warhammer: High Elves Army Book
Warhammer: High Elves Army Book | Source

Some Background Information on the High Elves

The High Elves, or Asur if you want to be knowledgeable, are an army in Gamesworkshop's Warhammer Fantasy gaming. The Asur live on the Isle of Uthluan. The High Elves are elegant creatures with great strength in magic and archery.

The High Elves are made up of ten kingdoms. Each of these smaller kingdoms have their own prince. These princes come together and crown the next Phoenix King, the co-ruler of the High Elves.

High Elves on Amazon

Warhammer: The Island of Blood
Warhammer: The Island of Blood

The Island of Blood has everything you need to start your Warhammer experience. Actually includes two armies: High Elves and Skaven.

Flamespyre Phoenix by GamesWorkshop
Flamespyre Phoenix by GamesWorkshop | Source
Warriors of the White Lion by GamesWorkshop
Warriors of the White Lion by GamesWorkshop | Source

Starting Your High Elves Army

The start of your army can really include anything and everything. Starting small with a unit or maybe a Hero can be a good way to start. Especially if you decide halfway through assembling your set Ooooh that other army looks good I changed my mind about these Elves.

Also depending on your intended use of your Warhammer army can alter your assembling methods. For example you might just be interested in the painting or creation part of the Warhammer hobby instead of the gaming aspect. This can lead to completely different armies. If you just wanted to paint and assemble some High Elves then you might just consider the interesting looking miniatures such as the Lords and Heroes and might not focus on core units. But if you were interested in gaming, those same core units are vital to gameplay.

Whatever army you intend to play with you will not only need the Warhammer rulebook but also the Army book of the army of your choice.

For the High Elves you will need to keep a few things in mind when assembling your army. The core of a High Elf army consists of your units of Spearmen and Archers. Other cavalries can be used to supplement these core units, such as the White Lions or Phoenix Guards. High Elves can also have powerful mages make up their ranks such as Alarielle the Radiant.

The make up of your army will should be a reflection of your strategy when you do begin playing Warhammer. If you wanted a magic heavy army it would be odd if your entire army was made up of core units of Spearmen and Archers.

For those who have no idea where to start when buying your High Elf army you should consider just buying on blister pack of a Hero or Lord and a box set of troops. Maybe start with the High Elf Lothern Sea Guard and Prince Althran. Prince Althran is a legendary hero of the High Elves. The Lothern Sea Guard wield both a bow and spear and therefore is a nice combination of the High Elves Spearmen and Archers.

A Painting Tutorial on a High Elf Swordmaster

Why High Elves?

You may ask yourself what makes the High Elves so special. When considering your Warhammer Fantasy army needs it is all about preference. I will list here though reasons for choosing the High Elves from other armies for your Warhammer Fantasy needs.

High Elves are a precise bunch and have heavy hitters. They have heavy magic wielders, but also are skilled with bows and spears. The High Elves have great leadership statistics.

But on the downside, while the High Elves are able to be cause great damage, they cannot withstand such great hits themselves. They will fall fast to heavy opponents.

No army is complete without a few drawbacks. Or else we all would have the same army and where would all the fun be in it then.

Still the High Elves are a formidable army and should be considered for your Warhammer needs.

What's in your army?

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New Battalion

Gamesworkshop has also released a new High Elves Battalion.

Battalion box sets are a great way to either start your Warhammer Fantasy army or if you just want to bolster the ranks of your army.

In this new High Elves Battalion are twenty High Elf Warriors with Spears and Shields, twenty High Elf Archers, a High Elf Tiranoc Chariot, and eight High Elf Silver Helms. This all comes to a total of forty-nine miniatures for your High Elf army.


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      Vamp fan 

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      Nice article but prefer Vamps myself keep up the good work


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