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40k Army List I

Updated on April 6, 2012

An Ultramarine Army

Example Army List

I am a recent convert to the Warhammer 40k Universe and when I first began collecting the models and building an army I was chagrined at the lack of example army lists available online. I believe some gentlemen are reluctant to publicize their strategies and I understand their concern somewhat. Lets face it though fellas the chance that you and i would ever meet and play a game is small. Therefore I see no harm in posting a few army lists.

Today's list is a shooting based army with plenty of long range capability and vehicles to maneuver through terrain. It is my intent that the Devastator Squad and the Scout Squad remain where they are originally placed so they may take immediate advantage of their long range attacks. This will be especially useful if you use infiltrate with the scouts which will allow you to set them up as close as 18inches if in sight of the enemy. The distance is 12inches if they are unseen by the enemy but I do not recommend that at all. Sniper guns count as heavy weapons and moving will take away their first round attack advantage.

Other than that I think much of this list is self explanatory. The Dreadnought is loaded out for long range battle also so be sure not to bother moving him unless you need a sharper angle of fire. Some folks like the Dread with the Close combat ability but this list is built around the idea of long range warfare, something Sgt. Telion is legendary for.

If going ot a 2,000pt list load the Command Squad and the captain in the Razorback for cover and versatility. Let me know if you utilize this list please. I would love to hear what the results of your battle were. For the Emperor!


2ND COMPANY Shooting Brigade 1750pts

HQ - Captain Cato Sicarius – 200pts – Give Tank hunter to Alpha

HQ - Command Squad - Apothecary; Company Champ. W/Power sword Combat Shield;Vet. W/Standard & Power Sword; Vet. W/Plasma Gun & Chainsword; Vet. W/Bolt pistol & CC; 175pts

TROOPS – Scout Sq. – 4 snipers, Sgt. Telion – 125pts

Alpha Squad - 10 man Tac squad W/Hvy Weapons; Melta Gun/Missile L. - 175pts

RHINO APC - For Alpha Squad – 35pts

ELITE – Dreadnought – Twin Las & Missile L. - 145pts

HEAVY SUPPORT - 10 Man DEVASTATOR Squad W/2 Lascannons & 2 Plasma Cannons; Standard Sgt. W/chainsword - 290pts

Land Raider – 250pts – Des. For TS-2

Vindicator – 115pts

ELITE - Terminator Squad - TS-2 - 3 W/chain fists, 1 W/Ass. Cannon - 245pts

Add Razorback 75pts; Sternguard W/Plas & Las +1 Soldier = 175pts; For 2,000pt list


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    • Barnsey profile image

      Barnsey 5 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      The plasma cannons do very well for me. While they do not have the range or the strength of the lasers they can still glance a rhino annoyingly to my opponent and the scatter factor, when considered properly, often helps more than hurts. The key is to have a ten man squad so plasma burn doesnt end your efforts before they begin. Recently I watched gleefully as my lasers did their work and the plasma cannons scattered onto nearby foot soldiers and caused even greater havoc.

    • ata1515 profile image

      ata1515 5 years ago from Buffalo, New York.

      Interesting list and idea. I might have to put up some of my 40k lists sometime.

      How does the Las-plasma Cannon squad work out for you? I would think that you would be better off with a squad more defined in it's role as the lascannons are more for vehicles, while the plasma cannons are for heavy infantry?

    • Barnsey profile image

      Barnsey 5 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      Thank you, I felt the same way when I first started this game. I wanted to see an example, or better yet several examples of army lists. I have published five hubs now highlighting different configurations. Enjoy!

    • profile image

      John Baugher 5 years ago

      I appreciate this as there is no real tacticalmanual for how to select troops. Very good article.