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Gaze of Nagash Warhammer fantasy battle 8th edition Lore of the Vampires spell overview

Updated on January 26, 2012

Gaze of Nagash

The Gaze of Nagash makes a return yet again in 8th edition Warhammer fantasy battle and is effectively a carbon copy of the 7th edition spell with a slight increase in its base casting value. It is a Magic Missile spell that inflicts a random number of strength 4 hits upon its target. Nagash must have had a pretty mean stare should you have been unlucky enough to be on the recieving end of it.

As a slight boost from in 7th edition Gaze of Nagash now has the option of an increased casting value that benefits the spell by doubling its range (though sadly not the amount of damage).

As a spell from the Lore of the Vampire it also has the Curse of Undeath Lore Attribute that allows you to heal a wound to the caster or another nearby friendly model meaning as you are weaking the enemies forces you are bolstering your own.

Tactical uses

There is only one real use of the Gaze of Nagash spell and that is to attempt to vapourise your opponent's forces at a distance. The trick as with all Magic Missile spells is target selection though the extended range gives you more options should you need them.

Inflicting a average of 7 strength 4 hits means you should be able to vapourise units such as Fast Cavalry that Vampire Counts can otherwise struggle to pin down, alternatively it can be used to thin down the ranks of the enemy before your forces finish them off up close and personal in melee combat.It can also be useful to finish off badly mauled enemy units who have fled out of your reach to make sure you secure those victory points for wiping them out .


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    • profile image

      New Nagash 3 years ago

      And he's just made a big come back!

    • profile image

      Vamp fan 4 years ago

      Even the gaze of Nagash is deadly