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Warrior Pvp Guide - 5.4

Updated on June 19, 2014

The Warrior in Pvp

The Warrior has always been one of the best classes for pvp. A true gladiator of the arena, the class can stand toe to toe to any enemy and unlike most classes, it does not have a "weak against" enemy class. In my view, it is the perfect all-purpose arena pvp class.

A Warrior who has some decent skill can wreak havoc in a battleground or own any arena fight. It has a wide arsenal of spells and in the latest patch, it is a true wrecking ball. What the class is mostly known for is the very high damage bursts and some very annoying defensive spells.

Due to Second Wind and the ability to switch to Defensive Stance when you are low, you can virtually last forever if you can manage the damage taken well. This allows you to easily outlast most opponents.

Best Alliance Warrior Pvp Races

Human -The simple fact that "Every Man for Himself" basically frees a trinket slot is awesome. You can use a damage trinket instead.

Draenei - Since the hunter does not have much self heal, the heal can make a huge difference.

Worgen - Crit increase and a small Sprint. Pretty decent.

My Favorite: Human

What is the best Pvp Warrior Race ? (ally)

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Best Horde Warrior Pvp Races

Orc - Plain and simple the best pvp race for horde. Amazing dps cd, stun resistance and a fierce look.

Tauren - Slight hp increase and aoe stun.

Undead - minor lifesteal, crowd control cd which stacks with the pvp trinket

My Favorite: Orc

What is the best Pvp Warrior Race ? (horde)

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Best Warrior Pvp Specs ?

When it comes to the warrior and the various potential of his specs in pvp, things could never be clearer.

Arms is by far the best warrior pvp spec. It seems like pvp was all they thought about when designing this spec and the results speak for themselves. So if you plan on killing some people, then arms is the way to go.

Fury offers far more damage output which is superb for pve but not so much for pve because it lacks control and sustainability.

Protection is clearly a pve tanking spec but can be played to some degree in pvp but only in battlegrounds. Your only role will be either to carry flags or to defend key elements alone.

Even though things are super clear, you can still vote whatever spec you think is the best in pvp. My guess is that Arms will be the undisputed choice.

What is the Best Warrior Pvp Spec ?

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Arms Warrior Pvp Spec


Level 15: Warbringer / Double Time

Level 30: Second Wind

Level 45: Staggering Shout

Level 60: Dragon Roar / Bladestorm

Level 75: SafeGuard

Level 90: Avatar / Storm Bolt

One of the best pvp specs ever by far. This has arena written all over it. Why ? Because it is one of the few specs that beautifully balances damage output with defensive spells and offers one of the most balanced specs ever.

You rely on hard hitting spells and once you pop your dps cds, you will literally become a killing machine. Defensive Stance, Second Wind, Spell Reflect and Shield Wall are more than enough to keep you alive for a huge amount of time.

You should be able to outlast most enemies with ease. However, although the spec has a huge potential, it still requires a decent amount of skill to master.

Budget World of Warcraft Gaming Keyboard

Fury Warrior Pvp Spec


Level 15: Warbringer / Double Time

Level 30: Second Wind

Level 45: Staggering Shout

Level 60: Dragon Roar / Bladestorm

Level 75: Mass Spell Reflect

Level 90: Avatar

I will begin by saying that Fury is not a pvp spec. While Protection could be used with a tanking role only in battlegrounds, Fury has no business in player versus player for the sole reason that Arms is superior in all aspects.

Arguably, fury can potentially deal more dps, but it cannot even be compared to arms. This is a spec designed for pve where the target stands pretty much still and you can dish it out.

However, I did my best to come up with something usable in pvp. You could use it, but you need to have some sick skills to be able to transfer that potential damage onto your enemies.

As cool as having two 2h weapons may look, if you want to kill players, use Arms.

Protection Warrior Pvp Spec


Level 15: Warbringer / Double Time

Level 30: Second Wind

Level 45: Piercing Howl / Staggering Shout

Level 60: Shockwave

Level 75: Mass Spell Reflection

Level 90: Storm Bolt

The Protection pvp spec is ONLY useful in battlegrounds. Attempting to use it anywhere else will result in a painful and slow death. Even in battlegrounds, it is important to remember your role.

You will never do any real damage. Your only role will be to either carry the flag since you are essentially a tank, or to defend a key point like a tower or base. You will generally do so alone while your teammates are free to focus on other objectives. You will be able to resists enough on your own until allies come help. Remember, your goal will never be to kill or even damage, but to stall and resists for as much as possible.

The Warrior in the Arena

This class was made for the arena. A true gladiator, the warrior is one of the most balanced classes that can own an arena match.

What makes it so special ? First of all the impressive arsenal of spells, both defensive and offensive. An arms warrior is more than a match for anyone in the arena. It can dish out incredible damage, keep pressure, slow, catch targets and when needed take incredible punishment.

Second Wind was the "Must have" talent for arenas and this alone made them one of the worst classes you could face. The talent combined with Defensive Stance which they could switch when low on health, made them able to outlast most enemies. Without a major burst of damage, it was very hard to kill 1 on 1 a warrior. Luckily for the rest of the mortals, this talent will change in Warlords of Draenor so enjoy it while you can.

Warrior/Healer: This is by far one of the most common combos and one of the most successful ever. In this fight the warrior just has to keep the pressure on. If they are dealing with 2 dps then it is easy, the warrior will focus on the melee one, or the least armored one if both are melee. If facing a dps/healer combo, all the warrior has to do is as much damage on whoever is available. It will usually outlast the other team.

Warrior/dps: a more unusual combo, but can potentially be very deadly. The combo relies on burst damage. This means poping all cds usually at the start. Depending on who you fight you can either attack separate targets or focus the same.

The Warrior in Battlegrounds

The warrior is far better suited for arena fights. But even in battlegrounds it is very resilient and difficult to take down and deals a tone of damage.

However if you plan on doing battlegrounds you might want to pick more aoe talents. Bladestorm is a perfect example. While the warrior can be excellent and deal massive damage, its role is to take the damage while ranged classes do the real damage.

This is why, the only role protection might have in pvp is in battlegrounds. A protection warrior, with or without pvp gear (pve will make you a tank, but with almost 0 damage) is a nightmare to take down. It may not deal any real damage, but when it comes to carrying the flag or defending key points like bases, it is simply epic. A single protection warrior can easily hold the line against 2-3 or even more and stall until help comes.

Bloodbath and Bladestorm will tear through a battleground. It doesn't even matter if you die. But you can always switch to Defensive Stance and Second Wind will keep you fighting for a long time.

© 2014 Andrei


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    • Tizmo profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Romania

      The reason I prefer Warbringer is that besides the somewhat "useless" root which most of the times means using a cd right away to get out, it reduces the movement speed by 50% for 15 sec. This saves me a Hamstring which means 1-2 more attacks.

      Dragon Roar, at least to me seems very viable in pvp as it gives an instant high damage, interrupting spell. Shockwave is useless in pvp as it gradually stuns less and less until you stun for 1 sec. Bladestorm is viable against 2 melee, but the problem is most classes have an escape spell like Disengage, Blink and if they are any good, they will save it for when you pop your cd's ...

      Of course the talents are flexible and depend largely on who you face.

    • Dartail profile image


      4 years ago

      As Arms in PvP, you NEVER want to go warbringer now. It's terrible. Warbringer only roots your target for 4 seconds, and most classes have a way to get out of it.

      In addition, you also never go dragon's roar. The two viable choices in PvP are bladestorm with avatar/bloodbath, or shockwave with avatar, depending on the comp you'll be facing and your playstyle.


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