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Wasgij Puzzles - The Best Jigsaw Puzzles Around

Updated on March 12, 2011

Wasgij Puzzles

Wasgij puzzles, if you've never come across them before, turns the idea of jigsaw puzzles on its head - hence the name.

Traditionally with a jigsaw puzzle you get a picture on the box and the pieces of puzzle within the box are fitted together to form that picture. That way you can usually use the box as a guide to help you out ~ unless of course you're the baked bean puzzle as lets face it, one baked bean looks pretty much like another.

However, wasgij jigsaw puzzles are different. Here the picture on the box is not the image you are trying to put together, but rather the reaction to it and the picture on the puzzle is whatever is causing that reaction ~ clear so far?

WASGIJ? Blooming Marvelous
WASGIJ? Blooming Marvelous


How Wasgijs Work

If it helps lets take a look at the 'Blooming Marvellous' Wasgij.

The picture shows the back view of a man looking over a garden fence into his neighbours garden. The neighbours are all shown carrying various gardening or home based activities such as pruning, washing windows etc, but they are also shown jumping out of their skins with shock at whatever they can see behind the man at the garden fence.

The picture on the puzzle will be the view they are looking at ~ it's then upto you to use your ingenuity to work out what that is.

1000 Piece Wasgij Puzzle

Up for a challenge? Then the 1000 piece Wasgij puzzle is the one for you.

Choose from the range of scenes below and then get ready for days of fun as you try to work out the solution.

Wasgij 500 Piece Puzzles

If you want to start with something more manageable how about a 500 piece puzzle.

Still full of wacky Wasgij fun but on a slightly smaller scale.


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