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Watch Dogs Missing Persons Investigation: Find Where All the Bodies Are Buried

Updated on June 8, 2014

There is a killer on the loose and it's your job as a hacking vigilante to investigate and bring the killer to justice. These missions start to become available once you've unlocked your first CTOS station, enabling you to find the proper map markers. Although you can start the mission after completing the Act One mission Backstage Pass, you can only complete the final mission after completing the Act Three mission Hope is a Sad Thing. Still, with this guide you can get yourself set up doing the side missions whenever you feel like it, and finish it at your leisure. No matter how you attack these, the audio logs will always play out in the same order, so don’t worry about the order in which you do these. The reward for following this trail of bodies is the Chrome Pistol and the Darkness Looms trophy.

The Loop - Debora Ingram

This first one is a bit out of the way, and you’re going to need a boat to get there. Once you’ve gotten the appropriate watercraft head out to the Lighthouse and approach it from the south side. Pull up to the dock and after entering a fenced in area, turn right and go through the open door. You’ll see a building with three antennas and that’s where you’ll find your body. Scan both it and the audio log.

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Brandon Docks - Chelsea Armstrong

To find this body you need to drive to the bridge located on the map, and stop as you exit it on the southern side. Turn left and hop over the barrier, going down over the rocks as you make your way underneath the bridge. There you can either scan the camera and take in the scene, or go up into the murder scene itself and take a closer look at the victim’s remains.

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Brandon Docks - Claudette Rousseau

This one is slightly tricky to locate, but certainly not the hardest. Drive along the road just north of the map marker and look south to find a location under construction. Go past the huge building and directly forward towards the building with major gaps along its base. Go through the gap and turn left to go up the stairs. At the top you’ll find your next body.

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Parker Square - Kate Quigley

If you're at the point where you're looking for bodies I'm going to assume you've at the very least unlocked all of the CTOS towers in Parker Square. Go to the fast travel point close to the tracks and use them as a road directly to where you want to be. Don't go too fast though... those stationary items on the tracks will come up pretty fast. Go inside of the tunnel at the end you’ll find your next body. Scan it and the audio log before moving on.

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Pawnee - Alicia Freidkin

This one is a real pain to find if you don’t know where you’re going. Lucky for you, it’s not too hard with proper directions. You need to drive through Pawnee and head for the scrap yard. After you go through the gates there’s another dual exit on your left that you need to go through. Follow that path till you get to the train tracks and the red train cars there. Head inside and scan this latest murder scene.

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Pawnee - Annie Nelson

Your last victim is located along a dirt road that’s between the trailer park and the Crazy Moose Inn located along the highway into Pawnee. It’s very yellow so it’s hard to miss. Travel along that dirt road till you come to a cabin with a moose head mounted high up. Although the door is closed, you can walk through it and find the last victim caged inside. Once you’ve scanned this body you’re ready for the confrontation.

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Pawnee - Darkness Looms

If the final Watch Dogs missing persons mission didn’t start for you, then you likely haven’t progressed far enough along the main missions yet. This mission is unlocked by finishing the Act Three mission Hope is a Sad Thing. If the mission did trigger for you, you can just head further along that dirt road till you hit the trailer park… and if not travel along the road. Either way you need to make your way towards the entrance to the park after starting the mission. There’s an empty pool there and your target is in that area. Like all criminal takedowns, you need to profile him, follow him, and wait for the CTOS system to verify that a crime is going to take place before you take him down. The pool fence is not enough to hide you, so once you scan your victim move immediately towards the building for true cover. Once you've done this you've earned yourself the Chrome pistol as well as the Darkness Looms trophy/achievement.


All images were taken from within the game Watch Dogs, or from the Ubisoft website.

© 2014 Ben Martin


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