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Watch Dogs QR Codes: Where to Find Them All

Updated on June 4, 2014

There are quite a few QR Codes out there in the game, and most of them aren't that easy to locate. Each Watch Dogs QR Code is designed to be scanned only from one specific camera that lines up all of the code pieces painted on structures throughout the city. This guide is designed to help you figure that out by not only showing the locations of where you should be standing, but the cameras you should be looking through. I've even included a video at the bottom for a little extra help if you need it.

QR Code 1

There are two codes located in Parker Square, and this is the first one that we'll hunt for. Drive to the location on your map and you'll be close to an alleyway that leads south on the opposite side of the road to a Food and Liquor building. Head down that alley and you'll find the correct camera to your right. If you use the camera to look back towards the buildings where you just came from you'll find your QR Code.

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QR Code 2

The second code in Parker Square is a bit north from the first one in the area, and is really easy to get to. Simply make a quick trip to the train station and head one street over towards the west. You'll find near an alleyway an ATM that's surrounded in blue. Stand next to it and look up to see the camera you'll want to hack into. Look back across the street and you've got another one.

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QR Code 3

This one you're going to need a boat for. Once you get one, ride it to the dam that's at the west end of The Wards. Simply stick near the shore and pull into one of the gaps next to the barge and look at the dam. You'll find the camera in short order, and then you just need to point it at the QR Code.

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QR Code 4

This QR Code is a bit southeast of the one you found on the bridge towards the southern part of The Wards. Instead of going towards the QR code directly, you should instead go for the gun shop just west of the QR code. Cross the street and you'll see a pair of apartment buildings, with the tallest having a camera. Use this camera to look across the other building to scan your code.

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QR Code 5

This code requires you to go to the West Brandon Docks and locate the QR code on a Tidis building. Although the code marker is on one side of the river, you need to cross over the bridge to the east side. After you cross the bridge you'll come across a small grey building. Your camera is there, and once you've pointed it back across the river you have another code for your collection.

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QR Code 6

This code takes you to another Brandon Docks location. Once you get to the code marker take a look down the same road for a large billboard. It's not hard to find given it's size. There's a pole with a camera on top, and you can use that camera to look back in the direction you came from to snag the code.

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QR Code 7

This one is the easiest when you know where to look... but the camera you need is nowhere near the map marker. Hop on any train and when you're getting off you'll see a camera halfway down the stairs of the north west exit. Hack the camera and point it towards the marker for the code.

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QR Code 8

This is another one that you can get really close to just by using the train, so if you're following in order just hop back on the tracks. Head to the west and get in the middle of the tall buildings just east of the marker. You'll find the right camera to scan there to point towards the code.

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QR Code 9

Hop back on the rails and go to the next location. This is another relatively easy one as the camera is on the building just east of the train station. There are a few spots that you can scan it from, but once you have just point it over the rails for the code.

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QR Code 10

This is another one of those troublesome ones. Travel to the code marker that's under the Loop highway. You'll need to go across the river and look for a camera underneath the highway. While you can spot it from the road it's a lot easier to find it if you're walking from the river. Once you find your camera, point it back across the river for your code.

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QR Code 11

This one isn't hard to get, but you need to look both ways before crossing the street here. Well... railway tracks, but still. Take the train to the closest station and make sure the train passes before you hop onto the tracks. Run north east till you come to the first structure on your right that you can climb. Only once you're at the top are you high enough to be able to scan the camera you need to get your code.

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QR Code 12

For this code you'll want to head to the street to the east of the code. If you stand on the stairs and look up into the alleyway you'll see the camera you need to scan the code properly.

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QR Code 13

For this code you'll want to head east of where the code marker is and look for a castle like building on the north side of the street. On the south side of the street there is a building with a couple of cameras, with one of those being the one you need to scan the target.

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QR Code 14

This is also one of those that can be easily found by taking the train. Leave the closest station and head north and then east between the buildings. On the building you're passing to your north will have a camera you can scan once you come to it's corner.

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QR Code 15

This one is also pretty easy to get to. Go to the fast travel location in the area and then head directly west till you hit the parking lot. There will be a garage door you can hack with a couple of cameras around it. You'll want the one higher up located on the tall building to scan the code.

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QR Code 16

This one in Pawnee didn't have a marker for me, but it's easy to find. Go to the south side of the broken bridge. About midway along the bridge near a lamp post will be a camera. Point it towards the billboard next to the road and you'll be finished scanning codes.

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The Final Mission

After finding all of the Watch Dogs QR Codes you're ready for the final mission. While the build up was all searching, this mission is a standard find and hack mission. You'll get a waypoint to take you to the right location, and once you're there you'll need to hack into G1gg1L3s's system. It's a complicated hack, and I doubt I could make it easier with pictures. If it's really giving you trouble, I've added a video that should help you get through it. Happy hunting!

Would a Video Help You Better?


All images were taken from within the game Watch Dogs, or from the Ubisoft website.

© 2014 Ben Martin


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