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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Eighteen: Grandma's Bulldog

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden's search for his sister continues, and now that he has a foot in Viceroy territory he can infiltrate their camera systems and get his first good look at their operations. He needs to track down Damien's contacts in the gang and see how they connect to kidnapped Nicky... though he's likely to discover a great deal more in the bargain.

Grandma's Bulldog

Location: Bunker, The Loop

Prerequisite(s): Complete Jury-Rigged

- As soon as you get away from the Viceroys dogging your tail in Jury-Rigged, you'll get a few phone calls. Once they're done the waypoint for Grandma's Bulldog will appear, back at the bunker. You can fast travel there to begin the mission.

- Enter the bunker to begin the mission. Touching moment follows. Once it's done you'll have access to your little command center. Turn around and you can scan a bunch of security sentinels for some funny, bizarre, and disturbing scans of the people of Chicago. Not mandatory, but... interesting.

Aiden hacks into a security system during the Grandma's Bulldog mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden hacks into a security system during the Grandma's Bulldog mission of Watch_Dogs.

- Use the computer once you're done looking around. It will redirect you to a camera in a remote location. Hop from one camera to the next, then interact with the security panel nearby. Puzzle!

- The puzzle has three locks, and a junction at the bottom immediately begins to tick down when the puzzle begins. You need to finish up before the count ends and you're kicked out. Mess with the two elbow junctions at the top to direct power to the top-right lock, then rotate them again to get power to the bottom-right lock, then redirect the new elbow junction that opens to flow power to the final lock. Easy, but you need to be quick about it.

- Pop to another camera. Check the audio log to your left, then activate the elevator on the far side of the room. Once it pops open, jump to the camera inside the elevator and ride it up.

- Jump to the next camera in the new area. You're now overlooking several floors in the middle of a building. Jump to the camera on your left to access a System Key, then jump back up to the previous camera and look for a guy walking around on the top floor. He's holding a camera. Leap to him as he heads around the corner and he'll take you to another security puzzle that needs some hacking love.

- (Important note: I don't know if my game bugged or what, but the dude moving around seems to not move again after he's made his first circuit around the corner. You need to jump to his camera quickly. Otherwise you may have to start the mission over.)

- This puzzle has three locks and another timer. First, twist the t-junction to activate the timer. Twist the elbow junction in the top-right so it redirects the blue energy downward. Twist the second t-junction at the bottom so it's pointing left, right, and up. Set the next one over to face left and down. This will undo the lock on the left. That done, twist the junctions so they're sending the blue connect to the right rather than the left, both through the top and through the bottom of the lock on the right.

Aiden gets his first look at the interior of the Rossi-Fremont building during the Grandma's Bulldog mission of Watch_Dogs. It will not be the last time he messes with this building.
Aiden gets his first look at the interior of the Rossi-Fremont building during the Grandma's Bulldog mission of Watch_Dogs. It will not be the last time he messes with this building.

- Completing the puzzle will take you into a game's room. Hop to the second camera to hack a laptop on a far desk, then jump to a camera beside the laptop. Point the camera up and you'll see another through the ceiling.

- Up here you'll find an audio log, another hackable laptop, and another camera. Jump to the laptop camera to get a look at an adjacent hallway. Hop down the hallway from camera to camera and you'll reach yet another puzzle at the end.

- This puzzle has three locks, as well as another timer. Yay! Start by twisting the bottom elbow junction so it's facing up and right, then twist the time-locked junction to face down and right. This will get the right lock. Reverse the horizontal directions to tackle the second lock. That done, twist the two junctions you just created into place to allow energy flows into the top lock, and twist the first two junctions so they're supplying power. The top, timer-addled junction covers the right side of the lock, the bottom covers the left side.

- Keep jumping cameras when you complete the puzzle, looking for an audio log on your left. Eventually, by jumping into a patrolling guard, you'll come to a room with a large computer. Hop into the computer to get a shot down an adjacent hallway. Jump into this camera here...

- ... then another further down the hallway...

- ... to see a long cut scene. This will bring your trip through Viceroy territory to an end for the moment. A new mission will pop up down in The Wards: Not a Job for Tyrone.


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