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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Forty: No Turning Back

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

This is it. Aiden knows what he needs to know, and all signs point to one man: Dermot 'Lucky' Quinn, , entrepreneur, mob boss, and all-around jerk. The old man needs to go down at last, and Aiden is more than happy to do the job himself. But Quinn is held up in the Merlaut, a cushy fortress at this point, and Aiden will have to push through a lot of heat to bring Lucky down.

No Turning Back

Location: Merlaut Hotel, Mad Mile

Prerequisite(s): Complete Ghosts of the Past

- Once you've dropped off Nicky and Jackson, a new mission will pop open on the far side of the map, in Mad Mile. You know where to go.

- The waypoint is in a park across from the Merlaut. Listen to Aiden rage, then head over to the Merlaut.

- There's a TMZ van in front of the Merlaut. Behind it is the Merlaut's security router. Hack in. It'll take you to the mayor delivering a speech while Lucky Quinn looks on nearby.

- Eventually Lucky will leave. Once he does, hop to the uppermost cameras surrounding this area and start hopping your way to the right. You'll find another security router up here. Hack in to get a look at Quinn and the mayor having a conversation. Once they're done, check the right side of the room for an audio log and another security panel to hack.

- Puzzle! This one has two locks. Turn the bottom t-junction to right, up and down, then turn the elbow junction above it to right / down. This will open the first lock. Twist the resulting junction to left / up. Move to the previous elbow junction again and twist it to left / down to undo the second lock, then turn the elbow junction beneath the lock to left / down. Finally, twist the elbow junction below it to up / left. This will undo the main lock.

- Into the security room. Hack in and the security will be gone. Once it is, jump into the dude with the camera in front of the console. He'll leave the room. Stay on him and he'll reach another room with several guards. You can use this opportunity to trigger several explosive panels and wipe out some of the competition, though this will put them on instant alert and possibly make your job a bit harder.

- Either way, back outside. You need to find a way into the Merlaut. There are a few options.

  • Go in the front door. There's a guard here, but it's very easy to sneak up on him from the side without being detected. You can also Lure him away and sneak in behind his back.
  • Go in the northern entrance. Pretty much the same as the western entrance: one guard, easy to tackle.
  • Go in through the docks. Now that you've messed with security, a smaller door on the east side of the building is wide open. It will also take you right through the server room, past some Electronic Parts, and up to the elevator that's your destination. Easy peasy. I suggest this route if you want to avoid a brawl.

Aiden remotely gets some dirt on the mayor of Chicago during the No Turning Back mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden remotely gets some dirt on the mayor of Chicago during the No Turning Back mission of Watch_Dogs.

- Assuming you want to take the guards out down here, try to spread them out. They tend to clump up in the central room, but occasionally one will break off and patrol the hallways. Tag these guys and bring them down quietly. Once you've run out of dudes to silently take down, play hide-and-seek in the hallways and flank the guards whenever they're looking in the wrong direction. The hotel's main floor is wonderfully laid-out for ambushes, especially if you use a Blackout to kill the lights.

- Assuming you make a full accounting of the ground floor, you'll find a Focus Boost on the front desk in the lobby, an Unstable Chemical Component on the east side of the hotel's northern entrance, an ammo box beside the elevator that serves as a waypoint, some more ammo in the room with the podium, and a Proximity IED on some boxes directly across from the aforementioned podium.

- The elevator awaits. Hop aboard. It will take a while, so stand back and find a hiding spot if there are still soldiers on the ground floor. Be ready to attack when the elevator opens - a soldier's sitting inside.

- Cut scene at the top. Once it's done, take out the two guards flanking you and quickly shoot the one across the floor. Prepare an explosive, as a heavily-armoured guard is about to enter the room from the opposite door and start firing. This is not a good place for a gun battle with the guy. Check the desk for an MB-M and some Meds while you're in here.

- The next area is a shooting gallery, and if you've made your presence known it only gets worse when a helicopter shows up. Ouch. Get behind the bannister out here and look for opportunities to attack.

Hacking Fun

  • Hack into the camera up and to the left of the door outside and you can get a bead on several explosive panels 'round the area. Wait for guards to get near then blow them up.
  • The heavily-armoured dude in this area, assuming you didn't kill him earlier, can have his comm system hacked. Get this done for an opening to hurl an explosive and take him out without a big fuss.
  • Helicopters will continually spawn here until you flee. If one shows up, disable it and immediately switch to an assault rifle of some kind. You'll have a few seconds to shoot its sniper and send it packing.

Aiden hides from guards roaming the ground level of the Merlaut Hotel in the No Turning Back mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden hides from guards roaming the ground level of the Merlaut Hotel in the No Turning Back mission of Watch_Dogs.

- You're looking for a door on the far side. Blow through the competition and get into the door to escape notice. Once you're inside a hallway of cubicles, look on your immediate left for an audio log. A bit further up is a Blackout on a desk. Enter Quinn's office and look under his desk to hack into a camera where Quinn's hiding. Jump to it, then open the shutters behind him.

- Conversation. Eventually you'll be told to Profile Quinn. Do so, and, uh... you'll see.

- Eventually the conversation will end. Once it does, stay in the office and download the data from the computer in Quinn's enclosure. Then right out of the office, turn left, and out the emergency exit. Get out fast, before the guards at your back notice you.

- Merlaut rooftop. A helicopter will appear and cast a spotlight on you. Disable it before it can get much of a look at you, then turn right and run towards the northeast side of the hotel. You can jump down from here and get to the far side where the police aren't yet patrolling in force. Stay away from the north of the hotel, as the police will gun you down in an instant.

- Run south and over to the docks. Once there, hide or hop into the water and keep out of sight. Eventually the police will give up and leave. All done...

- ... or maybe not. Once you're done talking with Damien, look for a ride to take you across town to the graveyard in Parker Square. You can't fast travel, so a vehicle is a staple here. You can find a motorcycle in the park next to the Merlaut that will serve the purpose.

- Upon entering the graveyard you'll hit another cut scene. Once it's done you'll get into a fight with a group of assassins. Hide behind the nearest gravestone once the effects of Focus wear off and trade shots. Let auto aim do most of the work as you slide up and nail each one. Stay down whenever you're not firing, and don't move from this spot. There's no point. Be particularly careful not to let them flank you from the left, which they'll attempt when their numbers are still high.

- Sad.


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