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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Nineteen: Not a Job for Tyrone

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

This process is getting a little circuitous. Aiden wants his sister back, and to locate her he needs to help Damien discover the contents of a hard drive. Aiden wants Damien to slip up, though, so he's trying to track Damien's contacts behind his back. This leads Aiden to the Viceroys, led by the lovely Iraq, who has a cousin named Bedbug, and Aiden needs to track Bedbug and turn him into a mole.

Or... something like that.

Not a Job for Tyrone

Location: Residential neighbourhood, The Wards

Prerequisite(s): Complete Grandma's Bulldog

- After finishing up with Grandma's Bulldog and hopping back to the bunker, Aiden will get a call. When that's done, Not a Job for Tyrone will appear in the midst of a small block of houses in The Wards. Make way to the waypoint.

- Aiden is targeting Bedbug, a Viceroy lackey who may be just the man Aiden needs to infiltrate the gang's hideout. For starters he needs to tap Bedbug's home. His is on the northwest corner of the block; you can access its security via the router on the right side of the house.

Aiden flees through the Wards, doing his best to avoid the Black Viceroys during the Not a Job for Tyrone mission in Watch_Dogs.
Aiden flees through the Wards, doing his best to avoid the Black Viceroys during the Not a Job for Tyrone mission in Watch_Dogs.

- Puzzle time. This one has three locks, all in a row. Start by flipping the t-junction nearest the blue source on the right so it's facing up, down, and right. Then twist the upper and lower elbow junctions so they redirect blue energy into the second lock on the left. Undo it. Starting from the right, swap the top two elbow junctions so they face down / left and up / right, and the bottom two elbow junctions so they face up / left and down / right. This will allow you to undo the lock in the middle of the puzzle. Now turn the two horizontal / vertical junctions so they're horizontal and twist the t-junction to flow through them, facing right, left, and down. Change the bottom-most elbow junction so energy is flowing down, left, and up to the last lock to finish up.

- Jump into the house. Bedbug is in direct view. Hack his phone and wait for him to leave.

- Bedbug will leave his house shortly thereafter, and a moment later he'll get into a truck and drive off. Get your own car and slowly, very slowly, tail the truck. Don't get too close, and if you do, shut your car down for a few seconds. Give Bedbug roughly a block of distance to be safe.

- Keep your eye on the map. Shortly after leaving his house Bedbug will pass through Viceroy territory, denoted in red. If the guards on the borders of this small area notice you they'll open fire, and you'll instantly fail the mission. Take a left around this small zone and find Bedbug again on the other side.

- As Bedbug passes through the first red zone he'll enter another, again watched by guards. Drive slowly down the street behind his car and take another side street around the block he's entering. Just before he hits the waterfront Bedbug will turn east. Meet him at the next intersection and follow discretely.

- A short ways down the street Bedbug will approach a small neighbourhood and hop out of his car. Park a ways from the entrance and find a fence to hop. You need to follow Bedbug through the neighbourhood, avoiding detection from his fellow Viceroys along the way.

Aiden spies on Tyrone, the subject of the Not a Job for Tyrone mission of Watch_Dogs, via a security camera.
Aiden spies on Tyrone, the subject of the Not a Job for Tyrone mission of Watch_Dogs, via a security camera.

- The best way through this neighbourhood is to use the camera network. Slip through a white fence on the right side of the block and follow Bedbug until he leads you to a cluster of old washing machines and other furniture, then look up and to the left. You'll see a camera here. Jump into the nearest one, and keep jumping as Bedbug moves around. So long as you're roughly 20 meters from him you'll be within range. You may occasionally have to run close to the time limit to listen in on Bedbug's conversations, but you can handle this entire section by camera.

- Eventually Bedbug will talk to a dude named Rabbit, and things will go hairy. Hack the machine behind Bedbug when you get the chance to distract him, allowing Rabbit a chance to escape. Now you have to protect Rabbit from harm. Call him and let him know as such while he's hiding.

- Using the cameras, you now have to tell Rabbit where to move in the yard. Distract the guards by hacking their phones or otherwise hacking items around the yard to guide them out of Rabbit's path, then quietly send Rabbit towards the main path and out of the area. He'll get there...

- ... aaaaand drop his phone. If you're lucky it will drop in a handy place and you can use cameras to get at it. If not you'll have to go in personally and hack it. Shoot to kill or sneak around as you see fit. The Viceroys will be concentrating on anything but you until you show your face, so stealth kills are preferable.

- Once you've hacked the phone, leave the area. If the Viceroys saw you, take them down first to avoid being chased. Once you're out of the danger zone you'll get a call from Jordi, and a new mission - Uninvited - will pop up on the map.


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