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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Seventeen: Jury-Rigged

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden continues his mad pursuit of the people who took his sister, and the next step in the process is visiting The Wards. A rough neighbourhood littered with gangs and gang warfare, The Wards are the turf of the rough-and-tough Viceroys. Aiden must infiltrate one of their playgrounds, bypass a series of security systems, and gain access to a ctOS Tower... all without the aid of a single camera. Ouch.


Location: Residential Complex, The Wards

Prerequisite(s): Unlock the ctOS Control Center in The Wards and complete A Blank Spot There-Ish

- As soon as you have access to the ctOS network in The Wards - which, potentially, you can do as far back as Act I - you'll be ready to undertake Jury-Rigged. Finish A Blank Spot There-Ish, then head out to The Wards and look for a cluster of low-rise apartment buildings. The waypoint is located between the buildings.

- After a quick chat with Clara you'll see three security terminals on your map. You need to disable all three. Unfortunately, this necessitates picking through some rather hairy territory, filled with gang members. Shoot up the area if you wish, but you'll be facing a lot of guns in the process.

Aiden listens to an Audio Log from Maurice Vega during the Jury-Rigged mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden listens to an Audio Log from Maurice Vega during the Jury-Rigged mission of Watch_Dogs.

- The complex you need to enter, across the street from the start of the mission, has multiple access points. Some are more dangerous than others.

  • If you want you can try to plow through the large entrance gate on the west side of the compound. You'll be facing multiple gunmen and have no cover. Not advised. A short way down from here is a smaller, less conspicuous entrance that you'll find a fair bit safer.
  • Head north along the western fence and you'll find a stretch of fencing that you can hop beside a pair of buildings. Beyond is a quick path leading into gang territory.
  • On the northern edge of the compound is a parking lot. On the right side of the lot is a small alley that leads into the compound. Be careful, this entry point is often watched.
  • There's an electronic gate at the southeast corner of the lot. There are no guards nearby, and it's nicely separated from the rest of the lot. Since it provides the most opportunities for concealment, we'll proceed from this entrance.

- After sliding open the gate, look to your left. There's an Unstable Chemical Component on the ground beside a car.

- Run straight across the lot to the next gap in the fence on your left. Beside the gap is a Chemical Component.

- Through this gap is the main yard. Slip behind one of the large wood piles to your left and have a look at the yard. If you stay here long enough you'll probably see the targeting laser of a sniper sweeping the area. He's standing on a scaffold in front of the building on your right. You can get around without killing him, but it's much safer to snipe him from a distance before you set out. Be wary of any guards who go up and check to see if / why he's dead, as hey'll probably stay up there and spot you if you sneak around the lot.

- A guard typically patrols near this back entrance. You can anonymously take him out by Luring him to the explosive panel on the left building. This will likely bring another guy, one in armour; explosives, a head shot, or quiet avoidance are recommended.

- Two of the security systems you have to disable are found on the rearmost buildings where you've been skulking about, and with the rearguard neutralized you can quietly rewire each one without attracting further attention. You can't handle these remotely, so proceed with caution and make sure you're not seen. Look for Meds on the ground near the eastern building's security system.

Aiden prowls through the dangerous neighbourhoods of the Wards in Watch_Dogs, trying his best to remain innocuous.
Aiden prowls through the dangerous neighbourhoods of the Wards in Watch_Dogs, trying his best to remain innocuous.

- Each time you disable one of the systems you'll attract a few guards. One of the guards appearing will have a comm system. Take him out first if you intend to get into a gun battle. If you fail to stop him before he calls in buddies, be prepared for a painful pincer movement as they sweep in from the rear gate to the compound.

- The final security system is on the southern-most building, not far from the main entrance. As you approach, assuming you've killed a bunch of guards already, more will show up in a car. Hide, disable it, and either swiftly return to the rear of the lot or take up a position behind a wood pile and start firing. If you're fast you can lob a Frag Grenade at their vehicle and take them all out before they have a chance to hit the asphault. Check the area for an audio log.

- Once you take out the final security system, you'll have access to a ctOS Tower at the rear of the lot. Return to the electronic gate you sneaked past earlier and look on your left for a concrete building. There's an audio log inside, and beside it the ctOS Tower. Bust it open...

- ... and flee. The Viceroys want your butt, and they're about to show up in force. Run into the parking lot and look for a car. Get in and flee the scene. A number of baddies will pursue; use your best hacks to take them down. There are lots of street lights and steam vents to exploit. If you have trouble getting away, head for Brandon Docks and cross a bridge. Activate the bridge for an easy blockade.

- Once you've escaped or destroyed all of the Viceroys, you'll get a couple of phone calls. After everyone is done chatting you'll receive a new mission, Grandma's Bulldog, as well as unlock the Weapons Trade side mission.


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