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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Thirty-Three: For the Portfolio

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Hey hey! T-Bone has been officially erased off the face of the map, courtesy of Aiden! Problem is, the Pawnee militia doesn't need a map to find the guy. They've found his junkyard. Fresh out of Blume corporate headquarters, Aiden will have to rush back to T-Bone's trashy home and bail the dude out of some serious trouble...

For the Portfolio

Location: Blume HQ, Pawnee

Prerequisite(s): Complete The Future is in Blume

- Immediately after completing The Future is in Blume, you'll trigger For the Portfolio. It won't just appear, either - you're immediately on the mission. Race back to T-Bone's compound on the far side of Pawnee, using the back dirt roads. (You don't have to, of course, but it's much more fun.)

- Upon arrival, T-Bone's junkyard will be under close surveillance by the local militia. You'll have to wipe them out and save Kenney from certain death.

With the use of a heavily-armed robo-buddy, Aiden takes out Fixers with an assault rifle in the For the Portfolio mission of Watch_Dogs.
With the use of a heavily-armed robo-buddy, Aiden takes out Fixers with an assault rifle in the For the Portfolio mission of Watch_Dogs.

- There are, as ever in these situations, multiple ways to enter the junkyard:

  • Via the front gate. This isn't as bad as it sounds - the militia dudes are wandering in the heart of the junkyard, not watching the gate, and you can immediately duck into a sheltered path on your left to get your bearings.
  • Via the hill just before the front gate, on the left side of the road. This doesn't get you in, per se, but you can peek through the fence at the rear of the junkyard and pick people off from afar. Not the perfect spot, but if you want to lure them out of the junkyard...
  • Via the upper bridge. Approach the compound from the bridge and you'll come in beside a camera, more or less at everyone's backs. This is a great place to infiltrate the camera network and start setting off traps.

- Clearing the junkyard isn't too difficult regardless of your approach. There are many places to hide; T-Bone's set up a ton of reusable traps which tend to correspond to patrol routes; there's a great deal of cover for a shootout; and, hey, there aren't too many guards, so long as you jam communications early and across the board. Sniping is particularly effective if you combine it with setting off traps just to spook enemies into choosing poor places for shelter.

- T-Bone will come out of hiding after the soldiers are gone. Join up with him and another wave of enemies will appear. Join T-Bone under cover and use traps / gunfire to take them down. Not that difficult so long as you lay low. T-Bone isn't invincible, so don't let him do all the killing or he'll take a lot of damage in return.

- Follow T-Bone to the junkyard's central platform. You'll come under heavy fire from all sides. Raise protectors on the platform for better cover, then start activating the traps around the junkyard like crazy. Even if they don't appear to have anyone nearby, activate a trap when you see it. Keep an eye on T-Bone's health gauge and immediately join his line of fire if it starts to dip too much.

Aiden and T-Bone savour the carnage of the battle with the Fixers with a nice picture. Way to glorify giant explosions, Watch_Dogs.
Aiden and T-Bone savour the carnage of the battle with the Fixers with a nice picture. Way to glorify giant explosions, Watch_Dogs.

- Follow T-Bone to another platform and repeat. Traps are good, as is gunfire. Two of these guys can summon reinforcements; don't let 'em.

- One more group left, and they're supported by a sniper. Look past the left side of the trash box you start behind and you'll see a camera mounted on the far wall. You can use it to activate two more traps. Support the traps in wiping out the soldiers hiding behind crates ahead, ducking your head back often to avoid sniper fire. Once the normal soldiers are gone, pull out a sniper rifle and take out the guy on the ris at the far end of the yard.

- Meet up with T-Bone again and he'll lead you down to a boathouse. Hop into the boat, open the door, and start sailing. Once Aiden and T-Bone are done talking the mission will end, and you'll jump right to the bunker.

- One cut scene and a conversation with Jordi later, you're standing on the bunker's island. You now have another mission to do, back in The Wards: By Any Means Necessary. Yep, you finally get a chance to run around Rossi-Fremont.


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