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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Thirty-Two: The Future is in Blume

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

T-Bone's almost free of Blume's control. Aiden has security access for Blume's offices; now all he has to do is sneak in, hack their server, and deliver T-Bone's homemade virus. That will wipe his identity from their systems and allow him to leave Pawnee. Problem is, Blume HQ is very heavily guarded, and the slightest flicker of Aiden's presence will pooch the whole deal...

The Future is in Blume

Location: Blume HQ, Pawnee

Prerequisite(s): Complete Unstoppable Force

- After wiping out (or at least disabling) Blume's security force that's passing through Pawnee, you'll trigger The Future is in Blume to the northeast of town. Grab a vehicle and make the short trip out to the countryside. The waypoint is just down the road from the Blume offices.

- Approach the compound to have a quick chat with T-Bone. Turns out there's a caveat to the infiltration process: you can't be seen. Get caught and the mission is a failure. Greeeeeat.

- As you can imagine, there are multiple ways into the compound:

  • On the west side of the compound is a service entrance, though it's locked. Hack into a camera and use it to jump to a patrolling guard on the other side of the wall. He'll walk by the door's lock panel. This is my preferred entrance point.
  • There's another such service entrance on the east side of the compound, but the lock is at a weird angle. You can theoretically draw a guard with a camera to it via Lures and distractions, flung over the wall from atop one of the vans in the compound's parking lot, but that's a lot of work for little real gain.
  • You can also get in via the front gate. Hop into the security camera on the west end of the compound lot and use it to, eventually, get into the guard shack beside the main gate. In here you'll find the locking mechanism for the gate. Weeee!

Aiden infiltrates Blume HQ during The Future is in Blume mission in Watch_Dogs.
Aiden infiltrates Blume HQ during The Future is in Blume mission in Watch_Dogs.

- Your destination on the grounds is a computer console that's smack dab in the middle of the place, in front of a large sculpture. It's typically watched by two guards, though one of them will patrol occasionally. Wait for him to walk away, sneak up and beat down the one that remains, then follow the patrolling guard and take him out from behind. The other guards on the lot won't approach the middle of the compound unless there's a major disturbance.

- Hack the computer. You'll be pointed to a building at the northeast corner of the compound next. That said, the waypoint is located on a security router that's protected by two locks elsewhere on the compound. You'll have to undo them first.

- The first lock is on the second floor of the west building, in a guard shack. You can approach from the outside, via stairs in the north, or from the inside, using stairs at the base of the building in the south. There are two guards up here. Distract one with a device inside the guard shack, then lure the other into a good position with the solar panels so you can take him out. Dispatch the second guy at your leisure. Check the inside of the shack for Electronic Parts and an audio log while you're in here.

- The second lock is in a fenced area in the building's northeast corner. Move through the room with the waypoint and you'll find a back exit. The lock is to your right, but it's watched by a guard. Lure the guard into the fencing and take him out from behind. You can find more Electronic Parts if you climb the ladder beside the lock.

- (While you're in the area, you may want to check the other two guard shacks on the property, the one by the front gate and the other in the east. Both are full of goodies, including another audio log. You can take out the guards inside them by luring them out, in both cases with forklift distractions.)

- Get back to the security router and hack in. Puzzle!

Aiden peers through a security camera at the Blume HQ, learning some troubling facts during The Future is in Blume mission in Watch_Dogs.
Aiden peers through a security camera at the Blume HQ, learning some troubling facts during The Future is in Blume mission in Watch_Dogs.

- This puzzle has four locks. Start by rotating the left t-junction so it flows into the lock directly below. Pop it open and turn the resulting elbow junction to up / right. Then rotate the same t-junction to face up, down and right, and rotate the second t-junction to face right, left, and down. This will get you a second lock, and immediately after the third in the middle. Leave the vertical junction as-is. Rotate the two elbow junctions so they connect to the outermost paths and flow downward, then rotate the two t-junctions to siphon power to them. The left t-junction faces up, left and right; the right t-junction faces down, left and right. This will get you to the last lock, and take you...

- ... to a second puzzle! This one has five locks, and is timed. Ignore the timer at first and use the left elbow junction to pop open the locks above and below the blue energy source.Rotate the resulting junctions so they're directing energy to the locks on the right. Spin the timed junction to quickly unlock these two, then spin those two junctions to point into the lock on the far right. Last, twist the left-most elbow junction to flow down / right, and the next one over from it to flow left / up. Lock broken.

- You'll pop into a server room camera. Hack the server, listen for a while, and wait for a guard with a camera to come in. Hop into his camera and follow him to a meeting room. Listen in for a bit. Once it's done...

- ... escape! The guards are now out in force, and they're looking for you. Hopefully you didn't go through the eastern entrance, as the guards seem to congregate on the right side of the compound. Skirt through the middle of the place as quickly as you can, moving from cover point to cover point. Once you're outside, head to the left edge of the place to find a dirt road. Two bikes are waiting by the waypoint. Hop on one and the mission ends...

- ... only to immediately jump to another, For the Portfolio. Yikes. Kenney!


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    • deathboy profile image

      Intesar 3 years ago from London

      May I ask, do you actually make money from this site? Secondly, how can you make money from playing games. Do you have any ideas behind that?

    • MattWritesStuff profile image

      Matt Bird 3 years ago from Canada

      It's not bad. The hacking is a lot of fun at first, but it gets rather repetitive after a while. A remarkable number of people seem to own forklifts.

    • deathboy profile image

      Intesar 3 years ago from London

      I didn't really like Watchdogs but the concept behind it is quite amazing.