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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Twelve: Breakable Things

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden wants his sister back. He doesn't care what Damien has planned, he wants his sister back. To this end everyone's favourite Fixer is prepared to go after someone he doesn't know in the least... someone who just happened to make a stupid decision. Care to do a bit of yachting, ladies and gentlemen?

Breakable Things

Location: Robert Racine Yachts, Brandon Docks

Prerequisite(s): Unlock Brandon Dock's ctOS Access Point

- Once you have full control of the ctOS databases of Brandon Docks, Breakable Things will appear on your map. It's found outside a sizable business to the north, on a small island between the mainland of Brandon Docks and The Loop.

- Watch the quick cut scene. Once it's done Robert Racine Yachts will be populated with guards, now officially a hostile mission zone. You need to find the access code to Racine's office.

Aiden skulks through a warehouse, bypassing an unsuspecting guard, during the Breakable Things mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden skulks through a warehouse, bypassing an unsuspecting guard, during the Breakable Things mission of Watch_Dogs.

- There are a few different ways to infiltrate the grounds:

  • The front entrance. It's guarded, and not ideal thanks to a lack of ready distractions.
  • The southern side entrance. You can easily hop over the fences, and there's one door left open. Again, not ideal, as it leads to a ton of guards, one of whom is heavily-armoured and very dangerous. There are more options for causing distractions than the front, but not a ton. Not recommended.
  • The northern side entrance. This side generally has fewer guards, and there are more places to hide. You can also use a lift on this side to reach the roof of one of the buildings, providing you with a nice place to engage in hacking shenanigans, sniping, or a plain 'ol gun battle. I personally recommend the roof, as there are no guards on the rooftop to bother you, and they can't really reach you up here.
  • The docks. Sweep around the entirety of the grounds to the rear of the lot and you'll find the waterside almost wide open.
  • There are also so many cars surrounding the lot that bursting through a fence in one is a viable option, though this will obviously lead to a big shootout.

Hacking Fun

  • There are plenty of explosive panels on the grounds, and the guards like to move around a lot. Raise and lower the protectors on the ground to lure guards where you need them to be.
  • Using the cameras you can hop into one of the garages, where the heavily-armoured guard is on patrol. Use an explosive in the room to take him out with little difficulty...
  • ... then wait for other guards to investigate. You can close the garage door and block them in for a short time. The perfect opportunity to run across the lot unmolested.
  • There's an elevator in the middle of the lot that can be used over and over as a distraction. This is great if you want to lob Frag Grenades and need to draw enemies into an open area.

- Ultimately you want the access code, and one of the guys inside the warehouse on the south end of the lot has it. Get inside there and you can use a camera to steal it, or you can snag it simply by drawing him out into the main lot and killing him off. Your choice.

- Have a quick look around for items while you're here, as well. You'll find a Proximity IED, an Unstable Chemical Component and an audio log in the garage, Electronic Parts up the stairs from the garage, and a Frag Grenade and Chemical Component in the warehouse.

Aiden spies on a target of interest who's about to flee in his truck during the Breakable Things mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden spies on a target of interest who's about to flee in his truck during the Breakable Things mission of Watch_Dogs.

- Head up the stairs from the garage to find Racine's office. There's another Unstable Chemical Component at the top of the stairs, as well as some ammo. Hack through the door.

- Office! Grab the Meds from Racine's desk, then hack into his computer. This will take you to a garage camera overlooking Racine. Hack his phone to listen in on his conversation.

- Racine will flee in a truck. Pop out of the office to chase him and a heavily-armoured man will be in the hallway. Hack the explosive box behind him to take him out, then run down to the lot. Hop in a car - a car, the delivery trucks are too unwieldy for this - and head for the waypoint. Racine will take off as you approach.

- Chase time. If you're very quick, you can either close the gate on Racine and prevent him from leaving his lot before you reach his truck - or you can wait until he gets down the street a short ways and trigger the steam pipe along his route. One hit and he's toast. Fail to do this and he'll call in Fixers to stop you. Focus on bringing Racine down with ramming and hacking tricks before you take on the Fixers. There are plenty of opportunities along Racine's route to demolish his car and, hopefully, kill him simultaneously.

- Conversation once the mission is done. After the conversation runs its unhappy course you'll unlock a new mission... back at your Owl Hotel Hideout. Hrm.


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