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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Twenty-One: Breadcrumbs

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Thanks to Bedbug, Aiden has learned that Iraq will be attending a very swanky auction - and soon. Aiden wants to use the opportunity to essentially steal Iraq's digital fingerprint, granting Aiden access to Iraq's heavily-guarded apartment. First, though, he'll have to secure himself a spot on the guest list... and that means stealing someone's ID. Yay, identity theft!


Location: Northern bridges, The Loop

Prerequisite(s): Complete Uninvited

- After Aiden is done messing with Bedbug you'll get a call from Clara. Wait for her to finish talking, then check your map for the Breadcrumbs waypoint. It's located in the north of The Loop, on the border of Mad Mile, beside one of the area bridges. Look down the stairs on the right side of the bridge before crossing.

- You need to track down and snag a briefcase, one that's popped up before. Once the mission begins a number of thugs will appear on the path leading east along the river, and you'll have to sneak past them and follow the track of the briefcase...

- ... or, if you want to make it easy, you can get up onto the road overlooking the docks and watch as the briefcase slips back and forth between people. The guards won't see you, and you can easily view the briefcase slipping away on a boat.

- Now you have to give chase. Aiden will mention a bike by the dock; you'll find it near the water's edge, leaning against a concrete barrier. Hop on and give chase. You need to keep up with the boat without giving yourself away. Evading contact isn't that bad; keeping up is the tricky part.

- To track the boat you'll have to ride along the waterfront. Try to take to the streets and you'll quickly lose track of the thing, or, at the very least, ride too far out of its range for the game's liking. Keep to the stairs and the walkways, avoiding people as best you can. Once you get to a park, abandon the water's edge for a few moments - the walkways are at first teeming with people - they get back on the waterside walkway once you reach a long line of docks.

Aiden messes with the security systems of a private pier during the Breadcrumbs mission in Watch_Dogs in an attempt to covertly take down the guards.
Aiden messes with the security systems of a private pier during the Breadcrumbs mission in Watch_Dogs in an attempt to covertly take down the guards.

- You'll eventually come to a larger dock, set out in the water a ways. Look for a large, red umbrella on your left, then hop off your bike and use the walkway beside this umbrella to reach the dock.

- There are two 'entrances' to the dock area. The first is accessible by following the gangplanks, which will eventually lead you to a boat suspended on a crane. Activate the crane as a distraction and slip by onto the main platform. The other is a separate section of docks on the right side of the main complex; you'll have to swim over to these. Both of these are guarded, though you can easily distract the guards and take them out without attracting attention from anyone else.

- The main complex is watched over by a number of tough, intelligent gunmen, and taking them on in a gun battle isn't that smart. The cover isn't great, and they can easily pin you down by going around the main building. Use their patrol routes to your advantage by taking cover to hide, sneaking behind them when they turn, and wiping them out nice and quietly. You can also use the cameras to hop around the complex and activate distractions or explosives, but this will quickly put them on their guard. A combo of the two will work nicely. Last, you can always put out the lights and snipe the guards from a distance.

- Regardless of your approach, the briefcase is located at the rear of the central building, on the south end of the dock. If you're very quiet you can reach it and leave half of the guards relatively untouched. Checking the briefcase will end the mission... assuming the guards are gone, too. Otherwise you'll have to flee before you see the end of your troubles. Completing the mission will also unlock a new one: hacking into Mad Mile's ctOS mainframe. Sounds like fun.


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