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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Twenty-Six: Planting a Bug

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Poor Bedbug. He hasn't made the right lift decisions, true, but the lad has been thrust into danger by the unsympathetic Aiden. Now Aiden is pushing his unwilling protégé into infiltrating Ross-Fremont, stronghold of the Viceroys, and Bedbug will have to sneak into his cousin's personal quarters to discover what Iraq's been hiding from the world...

Planting a Bug

Location: Pizzeria, The Wards

Prerequisite(s): Complete Role Model

- After completing the previous mission, Aiden will have a chat with Bedbug. Once it's done this waypoint will open up in the west of The Wards. Look for the waypoint inside the pizzeria, via a side door. (No, the waypoint is not the pile of garbage bags out front. Look beside the heap for the door.)

- Check the audio log in the 'pizzeria', then activate the waypoint to start the mission. This will trigger a new waypoint northwest of the pizzeria. Drive over and you'll find a heavily-guarded area, no less than the hideout of the Viceroys. Oh joy. There are two ways in here:

  • The front gate. Though not as heavily-guarded as some front gates, charging through the obvious entrance is still not your best choice.
  • The forklift. Follow the wall to the left of the gate to find a forklift. Jump onto it and use it to rise over the barbed wire and hop into the lot beside the Viceroy compound.

Aiden, peering through a security camera, takes in the layout of the Rossi-Fremont building during the Planting a Bug mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden, peering through a security camera, takes in the layout of the Rossi-Fremont building during the Planting a Bug mission of Watch_Dogs.

- Regardless of your point of entry, you'll wind up in a lot filled with containers and guards. It's not that difficult to reach the door to the waypoint via the side entrance, but mind that there are no booby traps to hack in the lot. None. Just a few cameras. Consequently, if you get into a gun battle, you'll only have weapons' fire to rely on. Leave no witnesses.

- Pop into the locked door at the front of the building. This will trigger a cut scene with Bedbug. Once it's done you'll have to guide Bedbug through Rossi-Fremont remotely, telling him when to move, when to stay still, and so forth.

- First, get him down the hallway. Wait for the guard near the elevator to turn right and disappear down an adjacent hallway, then order Bedbug to the far end of the hall. Follow him on the cameras. Don't let him stop moving until he's behind the boxes in the second half of the hall.

- Hop to the laptop on the chair in this half of the hall and use it to look into the red-walled room beyond. Order Bedbug inside, hidden beside part of a wall just beyond the entrance.

- There are two guards in the rooms adjacent. Get Bedbug as far into the first room as you can without getting him spotted, then hop to the next camera over and wait for the guard to be facing the right wall. Once he heads that way, order Bedbug to run in and hide behind the desk in the middle of the room.

- There's a stationary guard in the next room. Activate the phone to his left to distract him, then order Bedbug to run in, around the desk, and behind the guy. Get Bedbug to the left edge of the desk before the dude returns to his post. Once he's looking bck towards the camera, get Bedbug in the next hallway up. Make sure to hack the computer here before hopping into said hallway.

- Run Bedbug through this hallway (as far as I know he can't / won't go through the security door, so don't bother) and hide him near the entrance to the monitor room ahead. Hop into the camera in this room that has the guard on your left. Close the shutters if you want to help Bedbug a little, though it's not mandatory for getting through.

- Activate the phone to your right to distract the guy, then order Bedbug to run through the room and out the hole in the wall on the left. Move quickly to reposition Bedbug by jumping to a camera through the hole. You only have a few seconds before the guard moves and is in a better position to spot Bedbug.

Tyrone gets into some deep trouble after he's found out during the Planting a Bug mission of Watch_Dogs.
Tyrone gets into some deep trouble after he's found out during the Planting a Bug mission of Watch_Dogs.

- Take Bedbug down the hall to find the door to Iraq's room. Unlock the door, then jump into Bedbug's personal camera. He'll walk into Iraq's quarters and make his way to a security door.

- Hop into a camera on the wall and use it to backtrack one room, where you can get a look at a security router. Hack into it and solve the puzzle. Turn the elbow junction up and to the left of the t-junction so it's facing right / down, the one directly left of it right / down, the elbow junction down and to the left of the t-junction so it's facing left / up, and the elbow junction near the bottom so it's facing up / right. Then, when you're ready, twist the t-junction so it's facing up, down, and right. This will allow you take out the first lock. Flip the resulting horizontal junction to up and down, then redirect the path subtly so it flows into the second lock from above. Twist this last junction to get down to the final lock. Once this is open it leads to...

- ... another puzzle! Yay. This one's easier, no worries. Start by twisting the elbow junctions on other side of the central line so they flow into the lock that's second from the top. Pop it open and orient the resulting junction to face left and right. That done, twist the elbow junctions on one side of the puzzle so they flow into the lock on the outside of the puzzle. Do this for both sides, one-at-a-time. This will unlock two more elbow junctions. Twist them to flow energy to the uppermost lock, then twist the straight junction in the top-middle of the puzzle to face up and down. Unlocked!

- Pop open the door in the office. A semi-cut scene follows, as does trouble. Once it's done you're back to Aiden, and you have to get out of Viceroy territory alive.

- There are, as ever, two ways to do this: flee, or... fight. And then flee. If you decide to fight, dig yourself into a strong defensive position and stick with it. You'll want somewhere that you can move around, so as to avoid incoming grenades. If you decide to flee, make for the streets immediately and look for transportation. You have about thirty seconds before the Viceroys appear in force, and if you're quick you can slip past their net and out of their territory. Either way, the mission is over once Aiden finishes a long string of conversations in the wake of the escape. This will unlock a new mission, Way off the Grid.


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