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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Twenty-Two: ctOS Control Center, Mad Mile

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden has business in Mad Mile, and that means he has to hack himself a back door into the local ctOS network. As ever, the control center for the region is heavily-guarded by thugs and brigands - but if Aiden keeps his eyes open, he might discover a few exploits which will make his job a whole lot easier. Maybe.

ctOS Control Center, Mad Mile

Location: Docks, Mad Mile

Prerequisite(s): Always available

- Once you complete Breadcrumbs, Aiden will decide that he needs to infiltrate the ctOS Control Center of Mad Mile. You can wait until this mission to get it done, or you can pop the area open earlier in the game. Either way, the ctOS Control Center is on the water's edge in the northeast corner of the map.

- The Control Center is snugged away between a line of restaurants. There are, as ever, multiple ways to get inside.

  • The northern gate. This place is watched like a hawk by a guard. You can pop the gate open and distract him by hurling a Lure behind his back, but otherwise you'll have to kill him to get past.
  • The side northern gate. Head down the walkway towards the water from the first gate and you'll find a second, smaller, security-locked door. Use the panel near it to open up. This will get you past that first guard, and from here you can hack a camera.
  • The southern gate. Same as the north, more or less, though it's within easy sight of a stationary camera.
  • The side southern gate. This is a bit more exposed than the side northern gate, and you're much more likely to be spotted.
  • A southern lift. Check the walls to find a large lift that will take you up to a rooftop overlooking the compound. From here you can snipe, hack into cameras, the works. The guards also won't be able to flank or otherwise get at you, which is very much to your advantage. I recommend the lift approach.

Aiden scans the Mad Mile ctOS Centre via the camera system, looking for weak points in the layout.
Aiden scans the Mad Mile ctOS Centre via the camera system, looking for weak points in the layout.

Hacking Fun

There are two guards patrolling the grounds with cameras. You can hop onto them and use them to get to awkward angles that the normal cameras can't reach.

The sides of the area are lined with steam vents and explosive panels. The guards don't go near them that often unless you get into a gun battle. If you do start shooting the place up, they'll probably take cover near these vulnerabilities. You know what to do.

There are shutters on one side of the yard. Hack them as a distraction, if you want, though they serve an even better purpose. Pop them open and you'll see something inside the office they cover that you can hack. Do so to attract one of the guards with a camera. He'll walk right past the panel you need to hack to gain ctOS access for the region.

- Ultimately the guard you need to hack is patrolling near the northern gate, and you can get at him by camera hopping or just plain taking the guards out. Your choice. If you get into a shootout, the rooftop will be your best friend... just watch out for incoming grenades.

- You'll ultimately find the building's security router in a rear office, near some ammo, Electronic Parts, and a Chemical Component. Hack in and prepare for a puzzle.

Aiden hacks into Mad Mile's security system in Watch_Dogs.
Aiden hacks into Mad Mile's security system in Watch_Dogs.

- Yay! This puzzle is timed, and has five locks. Yeesh. Begin by flipping the t-junction so it's facing down and left, then quickly hit the lock beneath the blue source. Flip the resulting junction once so you can hit the next lock to the right. Flip this junction so it's flowing left and down, then invert the t-junction so it's flowing up, down, and left. This will allow you to hit the next lock on the far right. Swap the new junction around so it's facing left and up to hit the lock on the far left, then, one that one's open, swap it 'round so it faces left and down. Rotate the far right lock to face right and down to complete the circuit and finish the puzzle.

- (Having trouble with the timer on this one? Remember: All you have to do to reset the timer is turn the t-junction so it's no longer connected to the blue source. Turn it again and it will return to a full minute of time.)

- Server room! Hack servers for some of the usual audio / visual files, then unlock Mad Mile. The area is yours to peruse at your leisure. Hacking through security will unlock a new mission in Mad Mile, Staring Into the Abyss.


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