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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Eight: A Wrench in the Works

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Witnesses, witnesses, witnesses. Aiden has been positively IDed by a dude who's set to go to jail, and he needs to prevent him from reaching an interrogation room. The first step to preventing this is to take out one Angelo Tucci, who can make the transfer happen - and, hey, look at that, Angelo just happens to have a niece in the open. Maybe Aiden can use her to make a connection...

A Wrench in the Works

Location: Willis Tower, The Loop

Prerequisite(s): Complete Not the Pizza Guy

- After finishing up Not the Pizza Guy by fleeing (or killing!) the Fixers, you'll get a call from Clara. It will conclude with the appearance of a waypoint to the south. Hop in a car and drive over.

- A cut scene follows, IDing your target for the mission as Helena Tucci. According to Clara she's got dark hair, glasses, and a backpack. That will help. Start wandering around the plaza, mainly in the direction of the glass building that's up the stairs.

Aiden secretly IDs Helena Tucci, the niece of his target in A Wrench in the Works, an early mission in Watch_Dogs.
Aiden secretly IDs Helena Tucci, the niece of his target in A Wrench in the Works, an early mission in Watch_Dogs.

- Eventually Clara will chime in and tell you that your target is in said glass building. Walk inside and you'll find Helena on the right side of the building, near the second electronic board. Keep your distance from her and hack her phone. Hack her again after she's done talking to complete a trace.

- Angelo Tucci, your new target, is travelling along a green line marked on your map. You need to intercept him and eliminate him before he reaches his destination at the end of that line. There are, as usual, a few ways to accomplish this, all of which first require intercepting his car. Set Tucci as a waypoint to catch him on his route, probably on or near the southern freeway, and choose one of the below:

Aiden takes out Angelo Tucci via some vehicular manslaughter in the A Wrench in the Works mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden takes out Angelo Tucci via some vehicular manslaughter in the A Wrench in the Works mission of Watch_Dogs.
  • Ram him until his car runs out of steam. Straightforward, simple, and... difficult. If you go this route Tucci's hidden guardians, riding in dark red cars, will immediately appear and seek to take you out before you can run Tucci off the road. Do your best to push Tucci's car into other traffic, then keep ramming until he's killed in an explosion or forced to abandon his vehicle. Once Tucci's on foot he's much easier to bring down, particularly if you're still in your car.
  • Hop out of your car ahead of Tucci, wait for Tucci to get close, and start shooting. This works best if you create a pileup at a nearby intersection first. Your aim will have to be good to stop Tucci's car, but if you hit him just right you're pretty much guaranteed a quick kill. This setup will also give you time to find cover and take on Tucci's henchmen when they engage you in a gun battle.
  • Use hacking to take Tucci out. There are several steam pipes beneath the road along Tucci's route that you can exploit to utterly demolish his car. Time this properly with Focus and Tucci will go down in a single hit. This approach will also allow you to remain undetected until you strike, giving you more time to flee as Tucci's enforcers try to hunt you down.
  • Work with a combination of the above. Ramming and hacking are a great combo, so long as you employ Focus to time your moves. Be careful not to get caught in the effects of your hacking yourself or you'll risk losing Tucci.

- Once Tucci is down, one way or another, you'll have to wipe out his guards... or simply escape. Escape is easier in this case, as the freeway is surrounded with park lands and hiding spots. Leave the road and you shouldn't have much trouble escaping pursuit. You can also lead the cars on a merry chase through the city and use hacking to wipe them out, though this will probably take longer.

- Once Tucci is gone and his guardians are out of the picture the mission will end in success. Wait for Aiden to call Jordi to unlock the next mission in line: Dressed in Peels.


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