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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Five: Open Your World

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Up 'til now, Aiden has been aided by the secretive, utterly-anonymous Badboy17. A Fixer of some renown, Badboy has always wanted to maintain a distant, professional relationship... but currrent developments appear sufficiently dire to draw him out of the shadows. Will Aiden like what he discovers when meeting the elusive hacker...?

Open Your World

Location: Theatre Square, The Loop

Prerequisite(s): Complete Backseat Driver

- After completing Backseat Driver you'll get a message from Badboy17, your anonymous buddy. He wants to meet face-to-face. You can find him in The Loop, out front of Theatre Square. The waypoint is outside a long stretch of white buildings.

- Jump to night. Enter the Underground Access in front of the building to trigger a cut scene. Once it's done you'll know the identity of Badboy - kinda, anyway - and you'll unlock the remainder of the Skills on the Skill Tree. Oooo, so many choices.

- Now for the remainder of the mission. You need to head to the ctOS Executive Offices. You'll find them to the west of the meeting spot by Theatre Square - basically just down the road a pace, still underground.

- The waypoint is the underground entrance to the Executive Offices, and it's guarded by ctOS thugs. The first guy you meet can be distracted via a nearby car alarm and then either knocked out or avoided entirely.

- Just beyond the entrance is a van, and leaning against it is another guard. A second car alarm in the adjoining parking lot will distract him, or, if you like, you can activate his music player to draw his attention away. Knock him out or just slip past.

Skulking through Theatre Square, Aiden remains out of sight of guards while trying to find one with security clearance during the Open Your World mission of Watch_Dogs.
Skulking through Theatre Square, Aiden remains out of sight of guards while trying to find one with security clearance during the Open Your World mission of Watch_Dogs.

- There's another guard a short ways ahead. There are a few distractions to use on him... or you can stick to the right wall, sneak up behind him, and knock him out. Either way. You'll find an ammo box sitting on a crate near the guard.

- Further down the right wall of the lot is another guard, and he's not looking in your direction. If you're feeling sadistic you can trigger the explosive in his clothes and take him out, attracting the other guards and giving you a chance to run to the left. Or you can just knock him out from behind. He's staring right at a Chemical Component.

- Skulk forward past the guard with the explosive to find a camera. You can use this camera to watch the three other guards in the remaining section of the lot. There are multiple ways you can take them out, from a straight gun battle to stealthy takedowns to mucking about with electronic systems. Two more of them have explosives, though there's no guarantee that you actually take 'em out by hacking their gear.

- Regardless of how you handle the guards, there's a switch box on the right wall near the waypoint, beside a red car. Trigger it to open the security door so you can slip through.

- After a conversation with Badboy in the next room you'll find a slew of items, including three Electronics Parts, Shotgun Ammo, and an Unstable Chemical Component. Slip through the door in this room to enter the main building.

- Now you need to find a guard with security clearance. Hack into the camera in the building's lobby while keeping Aiden safely out of sight. There's an audio log to check out on your right and, on your left, plenty of guards. Pop from camera to camera here and you'll find the guard with access at the far end of the lobby (though he does move around if you give him time).

- You need to reach the stairs at the far end of the lobby. The guards, as noted, like to move around a lot, so it's difficult to predict where they'll be. Various Lures can send them to the left side of the lobby while you stick to the right, and you can simply kill them with the exploding panels on the ground. Stay low regardless of your approach, and be wary of guards on the upper floors looking down. They won't see you if you stay near the walls, but they might spot you skulking down the middle of the lobby.

- There are two more guards on the second floor, one of which can call reinforcements. The caller won't move, so you can sweep up behind him as he looks over the railings to the first floor. The second guard moves around the opposite half of the area, and has a camera on his person if you want to study his pathing.

- Make your way to the door on your left. There's an audio log on your left in the next glassed-in room, a Focus Boost on one of the chairs, and your hacking target on the right.

Aiden hacks into another ctOS system during the Open Your World mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden hacks into another ctOS system during the Open Your World mission of Watch_Dogs.

- Another digital maze! This one has you sending multiple paths into a single lock. Still not that difficult to figure out.

  • In the first puzzle, turn the right and left paths inward so they're directing blue energy into the central lock. Open it up. Turn the left path so it's directing energy along the outside left track, the central path so it's directing energy upward and to the right, and the right path so it's siphoning energy up the outward right path.
  • In the second puzzle, you need to follow a somewhat circuitous path. From the far left start point turn the first path until it's an upside-down T. The next one up should direct the energy to the right, and the next up from that should send the energy flowing downward to the bottom of the grid. The next juncture at the bottom guides the energy right, the next along sends it up, and the last one at the top directs the blue beam to the right and into the lock.

- Getting through these two puzzles will direct you to an executive office. Hack the computer. The dude in the office will notice. Now you're in troooooubleeee.

- Escape! The first part of this entails fleeing on foot. You need to get back down to the underground parking lot. You can be sneaky about this, but to be honest it's easiest to just vault over one of the railings, absorb the damage, and bolt for the exit. The police won't catch you if you're fast.

- Now for the tricky bit. Grab a car, open the garage door down here, and drive into the city. You're given a small tutorial on jamming police ctOS scans, and if you know what you're doing you can avoid the initial scans and flee. If you're not lucky and get caught you'll have to lead the police on a merry chase until you lose them. Use every trick in your hacking bag - as well as some fancy steering - to remain out of their grasp. If you can, find a bridge you can hack to create distance between yourself and your pursuers.

- Regardless of how you get away, you'll eventually manage. Badboy will send in a call, unlocking Thanks for the Tip, and your mission will end successfully.


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