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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Nine: Dressed in Peels

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden is willing to do just about anything to keep his identity a secret, and Dressed in Peels will put that determination to the test. The dude who knows him is in jail, and Aiden plans to infiltrate the prison to talk to the man. How? How else but by getting arrested? A foolproof plan!

Dressed in Peels

Location: Palin Correctional Center, The Loop

Prerequisite(s): Complete A Wrench in the Works

- After completing A Wrench in the Works a waypoint will appear in the south of The Loop, potentially not that far from where you took down Tucci. (This is where he was headed, after all.) Head here and you'll find a nice Correctional Center. Walk up to the waypoint...

- ... and get arrested! Woo.

- You're now stuck in a cell. Fortunately, you still have your phone. Peer out the window of your cell and you'll see guards outside with hidden cameras on their persons. Use their guards to digitally hop around the prison's three floors. You want to move from the guards patrolling the left side of the prison...

- ... to the guard on the right side of the prison, which you can't see from your cell...

- ... and, ultimately, into the control room on the opposite side of the prison. A camera inside will allow you to access the electronic locking system. Hack it to open your cell.

- You can now move freely, but things only get more difficult from here. If the guards see you walking around you'll have to restart the mission. Be slow, be cautious, and look around a lot before you start to move.

Aiden, having freed himself from his cell, sneaks through the camera room of the Palin Correction Facility in the Dressed in Peels mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden, having freed himself from his cell, sneaks through the camera room of the Palin Correction Facility in the Dressed in Peels mission of Watch_Dogs.

- Your path will take you down the left hallway out of your cell. Run forward as soon as the door opens and take up a spot behind one of the pillars before the guard down the right corridor can spot you. Keep moving from one pillar to the next, waiting behind each one until the guards are looking away, until you reach the stairs. Slip down and hide in the nook to the left of the stairs. Watch the guard on the ground floor and wait until he's turned away from the stairs, then dash across to the office near the stairs. If you're fast the guard on the second floor won't spot you.

- There's an audio log in the office as well as a Schedule. After grabbing the Schedule, hack into the camera on the nearest guard outside the office and use him to jump to a more stationary camera above the office. From here you can trigger an electronic lock on the door across the prison floor.

- Sneak out of the office, along the left wall, and out the door on the far side of the prison, through that door you just unlocked. Stay low behind the barriers over here and you won't get spotted.

- In the next hallway you'll find another office staffed by a guard. Avoid the tempotation to sneak in when he's turned around and take him down, as this will immediately get you caught. Instead, use him to hop into another guard on the opposite side of the bars splitting this hallway in half. The other guard will enter a server room with a security router. Puzzle time!

- There's only one puzzle this time, and it's pretty simple - though it is timed. As soon as you rotate the t-junction near the blue energy source it will trigger a timer that will only go away if you rotate the junction again. Rotate the elbow junctions above and below the t-junction first to create two flowing paths leading to the right, the twist the t-junction so power is flowing up these paths. Use it to undo the lock on the right, then twist the t-junction so blue power is flowing through this path to the second lock on the far right. Done!

- You now have a view of the prison yard. Hack one of the guards to hear a worrying story about your target, then hop to the far cameras until you see a prisoner - your man - sitting against a wall. Watch until two guards beat him up and lug him away.

- Back to Aiden. Hack a lock in the office nearby to raise the elevator in the adjacent hallway. Move from cover to cover through the hallway to get to the elevator. Don't come out of cover until you reach the hall in front of the elevator or the guards will almost certainly catch you. Hack the control panel inside the elevator to get it moving.

- Hack into the panel to the right when you get off the elevator. This will send you into a back room where several guards are questioning your man. Hack a panel in here to open the way inside, then go back to Aiden and run through the double doors ahead. There's a Focus Boost on a desk beyond these doors, to your right.

- As soon as you open the next set of double doors the guards inside will start to attack you. Immediately dive behind the blue bin nearby and grab the Shotgun leaning against it. You'll have to use this to clear the room. There are a few things to hack into and explode, but for the most part this is a gun battle. Stand your ground, keep low, and fire whenever someone's supid enough to stick their head out of cover. Your gun will do the rest. Your attackers will drop their own guns, but it's wiser to stay under cover and just use the Shotgun - trying for other stuff will likely expose you and get you killed.

Aiden IDs a person of interest via the Palin Correctional Facility's camera network during the Dressed in Peels mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden IDs a person of interest via the Palin Correctional Facility's camera network during the Dressed in Peels mission of Watch_Dogs.

- After you finish off the cops a heavily-armoured Corrupt Cop will show up and try to take you down with a shotgun of his own. Take cover away from him and try to get behind him, using objects around the room to distract or otherwise blind him. Once he's in range, blast away at his back or side. You have a one-time comm disruption you can use directly on him if you jump into the cameras around the room; make it count. So long as you stay low and keep firing he'll go down quickly enough... just don't come out of cover and try to go toe-to-toe with the guy for any length of time.

- (If the battle doesn't end with his death, there are probably some more guard cronies still in the room. Hunt them down and stomp them out.)

- After defeating the guards, head towards the waypoint in the south of the room. You'll find Electronic Parts in the hallway and unlock the next door you come to. This leads to a cut scene. Enter a lift in the next room and you'll be back in your duds again.

- Head down the hallway once Aiden is suited up until you reach a locked door. Enter the office to the right of the door to find some ammo, Focus Boost, and Jam Coms. Check the audio log in here, then hack the lock on the other side of the bars to pop them open. Head through...

- ... and, outside, be ready to fight off the cops and escape. Yay!


This is possibly the hardest part of the mission, because the police will line up and turn the area outside the door into a big shooting gallery. Painful. It's also not immediately obvious where you should go when you leave the building, and, in fact, you're on top of the prison. Hum.

Stay back inside the door and use it for cover, as you'll be way too exposed using the concrete barriers. Fire back at the police if you want, but you ultimately have to escape - and the best way to do it is to run to the left when you leave the door and dash for the stairs nearby. These stairs will take you down to a large parking garage. Steal a car and flee the cops from here, either by heading down to the road or circling up to the roof again, sliding around the cops, and using the jump on the left side of the roof to fly away from danger.

After that, escape! Find a way to lose the fuzz on the streets. Jammers can help in this, as can normal hacking attempts. Disabling the helicopter on your tail will also help you lose your pursuers in a hurry. You have plenty of options, though given the sheer number of cops on your tail - and the strength of their cars - I recommend finding a bridge to slap closed in their faces. Once you've lost your immediate pursuers, find somewhere to hide until the search is over. Success!

- Escaping the cops will end the mission. Lay low and wait for Damien to call to unlock the next mission: Hold On, Kiddo.


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