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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Six: Thanks for the Tip

Updated on May 29, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden has escaped ctOS offices relatively unscathed, and he's one step closer to uncovering the person responsible for his niece's death. But there's another player in this game, one who wants to get Aiden's attention, and he's just a good a Fixer as Aiden...

Thanks for the Tip

Location: The Loop

Prerequisite(s): Complete Open Your World

- After finishing up Open Your World, Clara will give you a call. When she's done chatting a new mission will pop up in The Loop. You'll find the waypoint for the mission on one of the major streets and down a thin, nondescript alleyway.

- Cut scene follows acceptance of the mission. Aiden will talk to himself for a moment; that done, you have a mystery man to track down.

- Continue down the alleyway to a disused parking lot. You need to reach a security panel on the third floor of the surrounding buildings. First, though, some items.

- Start by using the scissor lift on the right side of the area to reach some Electronic Parts. Drop back to ground level.

- To the left is a door leading to a parking garage. Beside it is a Chemical Component.

- Down the concrete on the right is a fence. Check this darkened area for another Chemical Component. Don't bother crossing the fence at the end of the concrete - you'll leave the mission zone.

- Climb the box leading up the building on the left. There's a ladder at the top leading to the waypoint. Beside the ladder is an Unstable Chemical Component.

- Climb up to find the building security router. It's locked by a split signal. You'll have to hop from camera to camera to find and disable the ctOS signals. One, down and to the left of the box, is easy to find by jumping into one camera; the other, up and to the right of the box, is a bit trickier. To scan it you'll have to hop down and go 'round the corner to the mission zone boundary mentioned before. Look up to spot a lift. Bring it down to reveal a camera behind the lift. Hop into the camera and look across to an opposite building for the second switch console.

- Return to Aiden and check out the router. Hacking it will reveal a puzzle.

  • The first puzzle has two locks. Invert the first t-junction from the blue path's source, then redirect the other two junctions so the blue path is flowing into the first lock on the top right of the puzzle. Turn the t-junction back into a T (flowing down and right), then reorient the top-right elbow junction so it's flowing into the lock.
  • The second puzzle has two locks. First, twist the elbow junction on the left so it's flowing up, then the next elbow junction along the top path to it's flowing down into the central lock. This will pop it open and reveal a simple horizontal-vertical path. Reorient the elbow junctions so they're flowing up and around the puzzle, into the top of the second lock. Twist the t-junction below the source so energy is flowing downward, then twist the elbow junction along the lower path so it redirects into the lock on the right. Finally, twist the horizontal-vertical path to redirect energy from the t-junction into the side of the lock.

- Completing the puzzles will shoot you into an apartment. Scan the phone in here for a pressing phone call. Suspense!

- Time to fight or flee. There are seven shooters here, two in sniper positions and five on the ground. Get rid of the snipers first, targeting them from afar by blowing up the explosives next to their nests. One is above and on the opposite side of the lot; the other is to the right of where you start. That done you can work on the guys below. Either slip down and make a break for it by slipping behind boxes and out the way you came, or, more fun, muck about with the protectors and explosives on the ground. You can blow up a fair number of guys down there, and raising and lowering the protectors will confuse them to no end. Keep messing with electronics and, even if you don't kill the gunmen, they'll eventually give up and leave.

- Regardless of how you escape, head back to the main street and go east. There's a rather odd piece of art waiting. Approach it to trigger a cut scene and complete the mission. In the process you'll open another mission: Remember.


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