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Waterman Carene Fountain Pens Review: Lacquer, Silver, Gold, Palladium Trims, 18K Nibs

Updated on January 7, 2015

Waterman Carene

Waterman Carene fountain pens vividly channel several marine-inspired design ideas. The barrel and the cap wear a series of lines that echo at once shorelines and cables; the cap and the clip can be rightfully considered a type of anchor; the overall body resembles a torpedo. Indeed, in this allegorical vein ink itself reincarnates as a type of fuel, or liquid explosive – and the written word has long been considered capable of such dangerous power.

Waterman tap deep into this well of metaphors, creating an evocative, sprawling fountain pen design that's the more unique because of inherent difficulties in conveying broad concepts on a small space.

t's not all aqua, however: the linear pattern in some of the models clearly alludes to architectural elements embodied in the Perspective collection. Carene then take things further by introducing nature motifs that anticipate the convention defying Serenite.

The 18K rhodium-plated nib becomes its own decorative element: while composed and balanced on the outer rim, on its inside an almost opposite motion can be seen taking place – a dramatic, powerful, and parabolic curve.

Waterman Carene Fountain Pen
Waterman Carene Fountain Pen

The overall appearance resemble a resting bat – or, if you're not into mammals, a swallow's tail. Either way, resulting is a twofold effect: of speed, almost "aerodynamic", on the one hand, and cool, precise control on the other.


Carene comprises several editions, each presenting a variation on the main ocean theme. Contemporary models employ black lacquer and gunmetal that lends the instruments a surprising armoured, submarine look. Straight lines intersect on the body, creating diamond shapes.

Essential pieces demonstrate a rippled ornament that contrasts the ordered linearity of Contemporary fountain pens with a more chaotic pattern that seems to capture the noises of nature; the texture of the ornament almost translates into an auditory experience, visually conveying the sound of the ocean.

Meridians line offers ladies (rose gold and silver finish) pens that emphasize the elasticity and finesse or the original design; the ring suddenly acts as a waist separating the human and the fish parts.

A range of more casual, lacquered items feature various colors: “glossy red, vivid blue, frosty brown, charcoal grey, black sea, and marine amber.” Like most Waterman collections, Carene includes mechanical pencil, roller-ball and ball point pen modes.


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