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Waterman Edson, Audace, Elegance, Serenite Fountain Pen Collections Review

Updated on January 7, 2015

Waterman Collections

In this review we examine four Waterman collections that isolate, and consequently effectively represent the company's main points of strength. To view these fountain pens in a comparative fashion is to understand what Waterman is all about – and what it aims to be in the future:

Edson represents a formal& classic business category packaged in a masculine type of design; Elegance expands the ideas of avant-guard luxury (evident in Exception and Expert); Serenite comprises a true designer collection, a conceptual nature-inspired line that employs unorthodox materials and shapes; finally, Audace stands out as a universal, eclectic, fashionable, and feminine collection of fountain pens that reveals the brand's playful side.

Together, these pens describe a long arch, from formal to informal, from light to serious, and from traditional to innovative – each title acting as a landmark in Waterman oeuvre.

Waterman Edson Fountain Pen
Waterman Edson Fountain Pen

To match the visual richness, the range of materials attests to the depth of the company's manufacturing resources: lacquer, silver, gold, platinum, wood, and stainless steel.



Edson features a classic, cigar shaped barrel covered in layers of glossy blue or black lacquer, and topped by a gold or platinum cap. This design strikes by its almost complete lack of trims – the metallic cap provides a single massive piece of external decoration – and the implication of smooth, yet ruthless power. The unique shape of the 18K gold rhodium-plated nib creates a sword-like, ready-for-war appearance – a pointedly masculine attribute when unsheathed.


The complete opposite of Edson, keeps metal to the minimum, opting for vibrant lacquer patterns as the main source of visual decoration. Waterman currently offer twelve Audace variations (named “Evening in Paris,” “Indian Vibes,” “Happy Pop,” “Summer Night,” “Shiny Pearl,” “Urban Nomad,” and others). Delicately cut stainless steel nibs carry the hexagon “W” logo.


A highly expressive, original design that projects independence and modern panache: a combination of contemporary urban contours and primitive nature motifs – crystalline buildups, iceberg formations. One particular version uses Cocobolo wood (utilized for billiard cues among other things) for the body. Serenite Collection D'Art forms a highly artistic and exceptionally detailed luxury line the creative level of which goes beyond the scope of this review.


Classic luxurious fountain pen collection that like Perspective and Carene gravitates towards a more modern, geometrically simplified yet artistically saturated aesthetic. Blends elements of futuristic imagery with remote Art Deco references; it's an interesting Waterman design that seems to have forged a durable stylistic amalgam.


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