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Waterman Exception Fountain Pen Review: Slim, Night&Day, Precious Metals

Updated on January 7, 2015

Waterman Exception

In Exception collection Waterman expand the boundaries of fountain pen design by altering the shape of the barrel from cylindrical to quadrangular. The innovation surprises not so by its visual characteristics as by its conceptual value: why no one has thought of this before – it immediately seems so obvious and natural. Of course, these types of remarks are often heard describing the most groundbreaking inventions.

While clearly taking a risk with Exception, Waterman went out of their way to wrap the core change in a traditional, even orthodox aesthetic package, and present it as a self-evident continuation of the brand's fountain pen manufacturing crafts and techniques. The official website dedicates an entire page that discusses in-depth every detail of these writing instruments, starting with the nib, and ending with the ring.

Exception is a luxury collection, and features, besides 18K gold engraved nibs, platinum, sterling silver, gold, and vermeil.

Waterman Exception Fountain Pen
Waterman Exception Fountain Pen

The pens are quite bulky in appearance and weight, and designers developed an alternative in a separate slim department – it makes stress on lightly colored lacquer, and exhibits a more slender, delicate form.



Perhaps because the immediate impression from this line of pens tends to be of gravitas and weighty formality, Waterman insisted to provide a series of items that cancels these effects. Slim collection covers each instrument in layers of vibrant pink (raspberry), blue, green, celadon, and red lacquer, and keeps the metallic (silver plated, gold plated) trims to a minimum – all to render the products lighter.


A classic, full-bodied Exception executed in matt or glossy black lacquer, and massive platinum or gold trims. The pens carry the powerful contrast of precious metals with dark coating with elegance and dignity; the edges comfortably enliven the color scheme by adding white lines of reflected light.

Precious Metals

Metallic models display an interesting similarity to the casual and effective polar and golden shine Hemisphere: both radiate a formal, business air, though the luxury collection does it with a deeper emphasis. One of Waterman's most luxurious fountain pens.

Limited Edition: The Marks of Time comprises a more artistically performed variation of the Precious Metals line. It demonstrates a patterned, wood-inspired guilloche, and brings to mind the atmospheric allover patterns of Perspective.


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