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Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pens Review (Lacquer, Chrome; Gold Plated, Steel Nibs)

Updated on January 6, 2015

Waterman Hemisphere

Hemisphere became one of Waterman's most popular and recognizable fountain pen collections for several reasons. First, it displays a no-fuss appearance that appeals to a younger audience – people who seek a smooth entrance into a sphere that's often (and often unreasonably) considered exclusive. Second, Hemisphere includes a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes, some leaning towards the formal and luxurious, others casual, or even a touch playful; the selection offers designs intended for both men and women.

Third, the contemporary aesthetic qualities, affordable price, clearly defined character, and the stress on utility, they all translate into a flexibility and particular ease that elude some other collections (all across the fountain pen industry), which seem to require a certain measure of commitment. Perhaps this is what the title, “Hemisphere,” is referring to – a kind of broad, aerial, effortless spirit.

The instruments feature stainless steel nibs, gold plated in some models, and layers of colored lacquer, or metallic finish for the body.

Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen
Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen

The cap presents a characteristic modern, beveled shape, which is repeated by the clip, where it attaches to the cap: resulting is an interesting visual echo, or reflection.


Hemisphere consists of four collections, categorized according to finishes: metallic gold and silver tone; black and white (echoing the ebony and ivory of Charleston); softly glowing lacquer (blue, red, matt black); and smoky “shimmery”lacquer line of grey, pink, green, and blue shades that seem to radiate under a thin cover of snow, or from behind a veil – generating a sense of intimate, soothing, and reassuring calm.

Waterman offer an assortment of inks to fill the pens (cartridges or 50ml bottles): black, blue-black, Florida blue, South Sea blue, and more festive tones like pink, purple, and Havana.


Like most Waterman collections, Hemisphere doesn't bound its design strictly to fountain pens: rollerball or ball point pens, and mechanical pencils compliment the inventory by providing a more commonplace alternative.

We suggest that these variations work better with the lighter, neutral colors, in particular metallic tones; the darker finishes combine best with a nib, whose texture effectively offsets any strong contrasts.


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