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Waterman Perspective Fountain Pens Collection Review: Stainless Steel, Chrome, Lacquer

Updated on January 7, 2015

Waterman Perspective

Waterman Perspective collection presents yet another conceptual take on fountain pen design. While Carene was inspired by marine and ocean patterns and lines, Perspective opts for something more focused and definite: an architectural style developed by Le Corbusier, a style that also became known as “Modern,” or “International.”

It's akin to minimalism, but not quite: spacious, geometrical patterns cover the pen and the nib, creating a sense of flow and continuity. In terms of Waterman oeuvre, it presents a leap: from the chic of Art Deco and Charleston, towards the contemporary and universal.

Barrel design of Perspective pens immediately strikes as unusual, and indeed opposite to the classical cigar shape: instead of expanding, it becomes thinner towards the center (a similar trend can be traced in Serenite). The ring covering the girth takes on a supportive role that's structurally supportive, and clearly more than just decorative; the entire set-up brings to mind a fully furnished serviette ring.

Waterman Perspective Fountain Pen
Waterman Perspective Fountain Pen

Stainless steel nibs (plated with 23K gold in the Executive branch) carry a central demarcating line that continues beyond, to other metallic parts of the pen.



As the title implies, it is a more formal variation: the black and dark blue lacquer adorned by chrome or gold trims inject a sense of straightforward business and pragmatism into the design. In a way, the dark palette of these pens recalibrates the collection towards the ground, forcing the gaze from the clouds above to the land – represented by the black and blue tones – below. It's the opposite of the more dreamy, ambient Designer.

The clash between the overall form and the dark color generates an expressive visual conflict that gives the fountain pens a unique signature of purpose and intensity.


Designer pens feature soothing champagne, azure, and silver tones that accord with the barrel contours, and appear to give the body an emotional dimension of calm and security. There's also an elusive European quality to this layout – confident, modern, but at the same time historically conscious.

We think that the combination of light&neutral colors and linear ornament render Designer division of the Perspective collection a particularly effective conduit of the architecture inspired ideas of space and unobstructed airflow. These Waterman pens seem to literally have their own lungs and interior anatomy.


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