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Ways To Make The Sims 3 Game More Challenging

Updated on August 17, 2014

The Sims 3 Trailer


The Sims 3 has a gotten a lot of mixed reaction from players. For some, the game works well but for those others the game is so full of glitches that it is either annoying or can lead to some interesting playtime. There is nothing quite as amusing but sad when a Sim constantly carries around his plate with him wherever he goes. It can also damage the game like when a Sim just freezes in one spot until they finally die. However it takes well talent for Sims to swim through flooring like a swimming pool.

However the biggest problem with the Sims 3 is how boring the game gets after playing it for a while. In fact it seems to be the biggest issue with the game. With being impatient for the Sims 4 which comes out in less than three weeks it has been on my mind how to spice up the Sims 3 to make it more fun in the last three weeks before the new game comes out. So ignoring any mods or anything of this nature, here is some ideas to make it a little more challenging.

The Sims 3 starter Pack (download version)


Family Challenges

There is nothing more beautiful than raising a family on the Sims. For some players, the act of raising families is one of the greatest parts about the Sims. Babies are whiny, toddlers are needy, children can practically survive just fine without their parents, teens all behave quite nicely given their age.

To spice up the Sims, it is really quite basic when it comes to family:

  • The more diverse your Sims personalities are, the more fun it can be. Have one child have a narcissist, evil, and insane trait. Another child be a kind, good, and lucky. Have another child have a shy, socially awkward, and genius trait. Make the parents have weird traits that you have not used before. The dad can have the mean, grumpy, and couch potato trait. The mom could have the vegetarian, artistic, and technophobic trait. This can lead to a lot of family drama definitely when it comes to how the kids behave toward each other and to parents and other members of society.
  • The big family challenge: First have your Sims slider to epic and max out each lifespan. Have or adopt three babies, wait until they turn to toddler and then have or adopt three babies. See how long you can last without using cheats or moving the sliders down.
  • Make a family of your liking, turn on free will, press play and let your family control themselves. See what your Sims can get into. Unlike the Sims 2, when free will usually equaled fire, Sims 3 has some interesting things happen during free play.

This is only a couple of examples that could be used, there are others that could work too. I tried one where the parents do nothing and the oldest child does everything including cook and clean the house and taking care of his siblings...that one is interesting but can be frustrating due to epic lifespan



There are a mix reaction about opportunities. Some people like them and others do not. Although they can be annoying at times definitely when you have a larger family who gets opportunities at the same time, it is a possible way to spice up gaming time:

  • Agree and do every opportunity that is offered: not only can help job advances, simeoleons, and celebrity points, it can also lead to exploration of the town. See what happens when it is a full moon and your Sim needs to stay a night at a cemetery, try to catch the unicorn, try and locate where the moths are in the bug challenge. (The moths always get me, I can never find them). The greatest one is the graveyard definitely when there are zombies.
  • Agree and then decline: Yes this is an option. Although it won’t make the game more interesting, there is a little rewarding feeling you get when you wait until the last minute and then decline the opportunity.
  • Do only career orientated opportunity, skills, or celebrities and make it the Sim’s first responsibility even if they have other responsibilities.

Although most of the time opportunities are boring, there are some really cool ones and it can be great to play if you have a lot of Sims trying to finish opportunities at once. Also by watching the Sim go around town trying to finish it can give the player an overview of the town and find some really cool things about the city-like a school bus crashing into the school or you find the secret of the town that you are in.


Life Skills

Here is my favorite way to spice up your Sims game and have the largest on it because it is simply different ways to play the life on the Sims game. Some of these are due to the likelihood of getting caught, the high risk associated, or just making the game more challenging. Others are just trying to beat the impossible like cheating without getting caught which is almost impossible in the Sims 3 game and I hope they fix in the Sims 4.

  • Do not let your Sims advance past stage five of any job. I have tried to do this in many ways. I have tried not letting Sims go to work, I tried to make them extremely lazy, I tried to make them leave work early...and yet eventually my Sims all advanced. So here is the best way to do this is to make your Sims quit a job and move onto another. This will also help increase friendships and acquaintances if you are into playing a very social Sims.
  • Try and make your celebrity Sims live up their rock-in-roll lifestyle. Go to as many parties, clubs, and sign autographs like crazy. Get constantly drunk, stay up all night, have some naughty times in elevators or at the top of the building in a hot top. Flirt with anybody you want, kiss as many as you want, get the whoo-whoo drink and see where the night will lead.
  • Try and have a Sim successfully cheat with five or more different Sims without getting caught.After the Nighttime EP this has gotten really hard due to the fact that it is so easy to become a celebrity and once a celebrity it is hard to hide anything. You can cheat in your own home and never leave it and yet everybody would find out about it.
  • Try and bring as many people back to life as possible. In later EPs there are a lot of possibilities to bring loved ones back to life so make that a drive for your character. Just see how many people they could bring back in a period of a certain days you make up.
  • Avoid death by using the death flower repeatedly. Yes try and kill your Sims in as many ways as you can but always make sure you keep a death flower in your inventory. Try and see how long it takes your Sims to kill themselves by leaving a series of traps.
  • Have a baby with the grim reaper...make the grim reaper fall in love with your female Sim and then go to town trying to make a baby with him...if you have to kill other Sims to get the grim reaper to come back to your house...then that just adds to your fun.
  • Only work in part time jobs so your Sims are almost poor. See them struggle with paying bills and then add children to the mix and see what happens.
  • Have one Sim be a fireman and the other be a stylist/singer/private investigator/acrobrat/magician/lifeguard. With having to work on two different professions definitely when one of them is dealing with fire and the occasional earthquake it can be challenging and very fun.
  • Have your two starting out Sims grow up and then take the young again or cloning option. How will they feel when they outlive their children and get to see their grandchildren's children grow up.
  • If you have Intro the Future EP mess around with the utopia and dystopia and see how beautiful or how awful you can make the future by changing the smallest things in the future. Also what would you do if a future relative of you hits on your Sim? Would you let your Sim fall in love with her/him and what would happen with the future if you do this.
  • Change all of the public lots-redesign it to fit your vision of what the city should look like. Want to make look like a zombie apocalypse happen in your town, redesign it to fit your vision. Want to make it really beautiful, try and make it happen too.

This is just some of the type of things to try, there are a lot more like to finish one hundred books or finish college buzzed.

In Conclusion

The Sims is a great game and there is still so much to do on the game but with the release of the Sims 4 coming out, it is important to spend as much time enjoying the Sims 3 as possible. I hope that you are finding ways to keep the game entertaining and hope that these ideas help you find some cool things to do.

Remember the Sims 4 is coming out on September 2nd which not only improves on the emotions of Sims but also adds some unique skills and careers and that has already promise to be an amazing game.With a new create a Sim that can make a person design them to their desire and a new way of building houses that not only is easier but can determine a better way to make more unique houses. Although toddlers are pools are not yet included, this looks like to be a amazing game. The trailer is below as well as a link to preorder the Sims 4.

Preorder for Sims 4, comes out 09/02/2014


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