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Were Beetroots Truly Worth It?

Updated on June 11, 2016


The beetroot is a crop that was added to the PC version of Minecraft in version 1.9. In order to get this elusive vegetable one has to either find a village that is growing them and steal them mercilessly or find them in a chest within a dungeon and/or temple. When the crops are broken, they will drop a beetroot and some beetroot seeds. Now, let's talk about how useless these things truly are.


A beetroot in an item frame
A beetroot in an item frame

Use For Eating

Though these aren't technically useless, almost all of the beetroot's features can be found elsewhere and, for the most part, with much more ease. The beetroot can be eaten to restore an amazing... half of a drumstick, just like a raw potato. There is, however, a better way to ingest these; as a soup! By combining six beetroots and a bowl in a crafting table, you can get beetroot soup. This soup restores three drumsticks... just like a piece of chicken or salmon! Maybe beetroot has some other uses.

Beetroot Soup

Note: Beetroot soup does not stack and is just plain inconvenient
Note: Beetroot soup does not stack and is just plain inconvenient

Other Uses

Some people won't know this, but beetroot can be used to acquire red dye. This would be very helpful if poppies and rose bushes didn't already produce the same exact dye. Beetroots, believe it or not, have another feature. These roots can be used to lead and breed pigs! Then again, you can also use potatoes for that, which can be found in villages and are occasionally dropped by zombies when they're killed.

Beetroots and Rose Red

The dye is called rose red, not beetroot red... Just saying.
The dye is called rose red, not beetroot red... Just saying.


So, as can be seen, beetroots can really be substituted by a few items in every case of its use. Though I can think of one way that beetroots could be changed for the better. If the dye the beetroots gave was either magenta or purple, then they would be a much simpler way to get these dyes than searching for their respective flowers or mixing rose red and lapis lazuli. But what do you think? I'll leave a poll down below for you to tell me your thoughts!

Beetroots, Yay or Nay?

How do you feel about beetroots?

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    • profile image

      ironpine 19 months ago

      Totally agree with you! Other than making an aesthetic farm with them, beetroots are completely useless.