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What Are The Mafia Wars Weapons?

Updated on August 23, 2010

What Are The Mafia Wars Weapons?

Mafia Wars is a video game with quite the reputation these days. This is a game that you can play while on MySpace or Facebook. Because of the popularity of these applications the game was instantly discovered by millions of game lovers all around the world. The basic point of the game is to start off as a gangster and work on growing your own mafia, arming and protecting them along the way.

If you’re playing the game you want to have the most success you can and there are different Mafia Wars tools that will help you to do just this. If you want the best Mafia Wars tools you must equip yourself with all the right weapons. From the assault rifle to the 9mm pistol there are certain weapons that will be right in different situations and it’s important to ensure that as you go along, everyone in your mafia has a loaded arsenal. There are forums and chat rooms available for one thing which you can go on and meet other players who can offer you tips, strategy and information on the game and how to make it through.

Then other members on the forum will read your messages and will respond back. With chat rooms on the other hand, the biggest advantage is that you’re able to talk to people one on one rather than having to play the waiting game. There are also bookmarklets which are one of the more recently developed Mafia Wars tools. These store bits of information on the game that you want to be able to refer back to at any point while you’re playing.

There are other tools that can help such as cheat codes. Some people think that using cheats is taking the easy way out but in fact you can use cheat codes to add more of a challenge to the game. If you’re just getting started you may want to use cheats to add to your weapons arsenal or if you’ve already gotten used to the game you can use them to make it more challenging.  There is a book that was just recently released and which is already considered as being one of the best Mafia Wars tools of all time.

Reading books like Mafia Wars Secrets can also be extremely helpful. This was a book written by one of the many avid Mafia Wars fans and which describes in detail every single aspect of the game. One of the more popular books is titled Mafia Wars Secrets and literally gives away all the secrets and tips imaginable that you can use throughout the game. You can even start a level with 1000 different members in your mafia.


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