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What Are You Doing With Your Free Time?

Updated on May 30, 2016
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Patrick Patrick just recently started posting articles on Hubpages. He is a graduate with a degree in Bio-medical Sciences.

Unleash Your Creativity: Bring Your Ideas to Life

Unleash Your Creativity
Unleash Your Creativity | Source

So What Are You Doing With Your Free Time?

We all want to re-invent the wheel. I can assure you that it is the desire of every other person- one way or another. And why is this so important you may ask? Just think about it... Come on; give it a little thought... There you go; it would make an impact on the world. But this is not really about re-inventing the wheel... I mean come-on (this is not to say you shouldn't try :)).

Think of all the "awesome" ideas you've had. You know? Just sitting there and wham, an idea pops in. I bet you've had quite a number- can you remember them? Just a few? That's ok. At least you remember some.

Ok, let's get right into it, shall we?

I like to believe that we all have something special within us. Something we are really good at or something we can be very good at. I also believe that each idea that pops into our minds is in line with our abilities and some special talent or skills we possess. What do you think? Can you relate that great idea you had with some skills or talents you have? Or at least with something that interests you?

Let me give a simple example to explain this:

Ok, let's work on the assumption that really you love travelling. You do this every chance you get. Be it locally, nationally or even internationally; you enjoy it. I'm not even talking about fancy places- just unique and fascinating areas and regions to see and enjoy seeing new ways of living, new practices or even different types of animals, plants, insects... You name it (the list is endless). Then on one occasion you see this really beautiful insect you've never seen doing something very unique. Something you have never seen before, and an idea pops in- I should take pictures and a video of this;

What is the most probable outcome of this? It is very likely that you will always carry your camera while on such trips and even build a nice album of such like events. It would not stop there. I, like many people believe that a good idea will always be the basis of many more great ideas. So many good things can come out of a simple idea.

Again, what is it that you do with your free time? Try working on your ideas when you're free. Most of us will take such moments to sleep some more, watch some TV; play some video games and many more other activities. But you have to ask yourself, are they really worth spending all that time on? As I’ve mentioned time and again, a majority of people tend to fear taking the first step or fear trying at all. "It is just too absurd" some will think to themselves "what will people think when I fail?" we've all heard and read about the achievements of such individuals as Steve Jobs. Going up against the greats of the time like IBM- the man just wouldn't give up. He had an idea and would not rest until he had accomplished it... Even when he had achieved something great he thought of another and worked towards it.

You can almost formulate something out of this. Let me try;

Idea + skills/talents/interests + hard work (resilience) = great accomplishment

I know, I know, it’s not really some great discovery I just made, but don't you think that this is how we come to achieve something worthwhile? Sure, you may not achieve something that would end up changing the world, but I bet it would be something you are proud of- and you never know something that you may end up making a living out of. Like someone once told me a while back; let that idea be some sort of light, then work towards it with every resource available to you. There will definitely be something to propel you further when you get there.

This is important; do not forget noting down any great idea that comes to mind. You can even go as far as writing down a plan on the best way to go about it. True, you may not have the resources to work on it right there and then, and you may not really be ready for it, but just write it down. And when you get some ideas on the same? Write them down too. You know? Add to the original idea, and when you get some more free time, start working on it. This is a step by step thing. Work with what you have to the best of your ability, and continue doing so when you figure out a way to build upon it. It really is possible to ultimately come up with something very unique or something others would take an interest in. Isn’t it worth trying? Still wondering what to do with your free time? Now you have an idea. Time is precious, and much so when it is dedicated to some project of interest. Remember, you can always learn as you proceed. With every step you will get an idea on how to not only improve your idea, but also perfect it.

So what ideas might you have? Some unique type of hairstyle? Cloth design? Maybe ideas on music? A film? A book? Again, the list is endless, write it down and start working on it. We are lucky enough to have very imaginative minds. Let's put them to use and create some magic- nothing is impossible with imagination.

I’ve seen kids following others around just because they want to feel like they are part of a group or simply to pass time. Some don’t even enjoy being part of such company, but do so to avoid being labeled lonely or weird. I’m not saying you should not socialize or enjoy the company of friends. I’m just saying that you don’t have to push yourself to do so when you really don’t want to or see no interest of doing so. As a kid you have something most adults don’t- Time, energy and an opportunity to learn. Use all these towards your idea and you may just surprise yourself.

Take Advantage Of Your Free Time

Seriously, the amount of creativity I have seen both on ground and on the internet has made me envious. A great number of individuals and groups have grown significantly successful simply by bringing their ideas to life. A good majority of these individuals only started doing so during their free time, and ended up doing what they do full time. Think of how much free and how you are using it. Is is being wasted doing something meaningless? if so, it is about time to work on those ideas that often pop up in your mind.

You have the time, interest and ability to do so; so why not start working on them now?


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