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What Black Ops 2 weapons most likely WILL and WILL NOT be.

Updated on July 14, 2012

The Weapons.

I have seen a lot, as a matter of fact TOO MUCH speculation of what the Black Ops 2 weapons will be, and want to weigh in my 2 cents as to what I think the Black Ops weapons will look like. Before I start I would like to say that this is not official, and should not be taken that way, this is only what I believe the weapons will look like.

My Speculations

Okay, So I have seen many people talking about weapons from past games, and saying things like "well the m16 has been in 3 Call of Duties so chances are it will be in this game".

Let me explain something first. For all the bloggers out there trying to corner the market and get the edge, please don't say things like that. Every bit of leaked info, and told info, has said CLEARLY that Black Ops 2 is going to be a more futuristic game, and with "Nuketown 2025" coming out, you will MOST LIKELY be able to suggest that the game will take place around there. So with that being said, it will not surprise me if Black Ops 2 does have the M16 but that gun is extremely outdated, and I don't honestly see that gun making its way into the game. i see many other guns that are much more futuristic from other Call of Duties making it into the game before the M16.

So with that being said, lets set aside all guns from other Call of Duties. You cannot make a game that is 20 years in the future and use guns that are outdated now that were made 50 years ago. That makes no sense what so ever.

So now lets get on to weapons that actually may make an appearance. It is hard to say guns that are currently being used, only because of the future aspect of Black Ops 2. So this brings me back to watching future weapons shows on the discovery channel that I had seen a few years ago. The corner shot weapon was a style of weapon the allows the user to stand at a wall and aim their gun around the wall, and watch the sight of the gun on a computer screen. For us users it will essentially be playing a video game within a video game, kind of like the RC cars in Black ops the first game. I think this gun makes sense because you can attach different weapons on the gun and still have a future tactical advantage. Also this is realy something we have never seen before in the game.

Next I will go to the reveal trailer. In one of the vehicles we were able to see one of the character cocking a pistol. The pistol he used was unlike any gun we have seen today. It had a different cocking mechanism similar to the of a real desert eagle, and looked like a 9mm, or .40 caliber. I would imagine they are trying to take some guns and push them into the future by adding different cocking mechanisms, firing sounds, and types of ammo.

Next let me talk about Halo, and COD. As with this future announcement the first thing that came to mind is weapons like Halo 3. Now I know Halo is also coming out with a big game soon and I think the guns on each may actually be similar. The main difference will be one utilizing the Halo characters, and the other utilizing humans. Beyond that I think the guns may be similar since both games feature futuristic looking games.

So as of now I have not given any specific guns that will be in Black Ops 2... you know why... BECAUSE they have not been announced yet, and with them not being announced it is ridiculous to speculate what guns will be in the game.

So with everything being said above, please feel free to comment, or say guns that may be in the game, and I will comment back. Thanks for reading, and remember for accurate Black Ops 2 information, make sure you check back here later to stay on top of the Black ops 2 News.


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