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What Is A Dab Rig?

Updated on November 24, 2015

What Is A Dab Rig?

If you're an active participant in the smoking and vaping community, by now you've heard words like “dabbing” "rigs" or "dabbers". Many people who are used to traditional glass and water pipes that try dabbing often find it a deliciously smooth and enhanced experience!

If you're the new guy with questions when it comes to dabbing or vaporizing concentrates.

Don’t worry.

I’ll fix that right now.

Question #1: How?

If you enjoy smoking from glass hand pipes and other dry herb pipes - I guarantee you'll love trying out a rig! It is a glass concentrate pipe used to vaporize concentrated oil, this “concentrated oil” is known as a dab. During this process, the dab of oil is pressed against a heated surface (often a dab nail), which produces vapor that you inhale through the mouthpiece of the pipe. This trend is growing fans that rave because of the quality of the taste, smoothness, and effects that dabs supply.

Question #2: What?

Rigs have three main components:

  • Water chamber - The vapor travels through water synthesis to ensure a smooth, quality effect.
  • Nail - Vaporizes the concentrate.
  • Mouthpiece - For inhaling the vapor.

Further explanation on the nail is necessary because of the many different functions and materials available. The nail has multiple materials including quartz (good taste but not great durability), glass (good taste but bad durability), ceramic (good taste but bad durability) or titanium (least favorite taste but great durability).

In addition to these nails, there now exists an electric nail that doesn’t need to be heated up and can stay at whichever constant temperature you desire!

Question #3: Why?

Although rigs tend to cost more than other smoking pieces on the market, you shouldn’t let that be the determining factor on whether you should buy one or not. There are other factors to consider as well.

1) Conservation - Be aware that oils and concentrates do cost more than dry herb, however it is also much more potent than dry herb and much less is needed to achieve the results you desire. According to HighTimes, a gram of dry herb will run around $20-30 versus $50-60 for a gram of quality concentrate.

2) Quality - From experience, I can personally tell you and I’m sure others will agree that quality beats quantity any day. The quality of concentrate is incomparable to traditional smoking methods. Taste, smoothness, and effect. Those three factors are important.

3) Tolerance - If you appreciate a super-smooth, flavorful vaporizing experience - dabbing may be for you. These rigs have been hand-crafted to be made specifically for vaporizing concentrates and filtering for the smoothest vaporizing experience. Depending on what type of dab nail that's used, flavors can be enhanced even further.

Quality Is More Important Than Price

If you've visited any of the popular smoking forums like: Grasscity, reddit, or everyonedoesit, in hopes of finding people name-dropping the lowest dab rig prices around, you may find a few sites mentioned, but most of these people are newbies themselves just offering up the cheapest prices without considering the quality much. Buying a quality name-brand dab rig like: Perc Tech, Boom Felazi, Toro, Intrinsic Glass or ZOB can last and provide quality dabbing time and time again for years.

Question #4: Where?

There are many sites online that carry bar rigs, including recycler rigs and mini oil rigs. For affordable, quality glass rigs, we recommend: HighPriorityGlass, SmokeCartel or Grasscity. DankStop is good too but they often sell out fast. You can also get dab rigs from your local smoke shop but many people prefer to buy online so you can compare models, and get the widest array to choose from while price compare at the same time.

Do you own a dab rig? What was the first model that you bought? And what did you like most about it? Share in the comments below!


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