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What Is Loot Crate?

Updated on August 28, 2015
The box the content comes in.
The box the content comes in.

So What Is Loot Crate?

Loot Crate is a subscription service that sends nerdy collectibles to your house every month. Each box is categorized by different themes (ex. Heroes, villains, cyber, galactic, ect.) Each crate has a $40.00 value all for less then $20.00 a month (or if you just want a single loot crate it's $20.00).

You also have a chance to win a mega crate that has loot worth a value of $2000.


Depending on what plan you choose, the price will vary. Like stated above, if you want a single month plan it will cost $13.95 plus $6.00 for sipping adding to $20.00. The following will list the prices of each plan PER MONTH as well as how much you'd save by choosing that plan. The prices aren't including the extra $6.00 for shipping.

  • 1 month-$13.95
  • 3 months-$13.25; you save $2.10
  • 6 months-$12.95; you save $6
  • 12 months-$11.95; you save $24 and get a bonus gift

The Villains 2 theme
The Villains 2 theme


Each month is a new theme, and the theme is always announced at the beginning of the month, so you could just check out their website and subscribe for whatever themes you like. For example, if you like September's theme but not October's, you can buy a one month subscription, wait out October then check November to see if you like that theme.

Each theme is related to nerdy or geeky things, and each of those themes has a wide variety of loot. For example, the recent hero's theme had a multi-tool batarang, a book, a poster, a batman figure a Zelda triforce wrist band and more.


If you are a gamer on YouTube, it could be best to show your viewers what you get from Loot Crate. It seems to be something that YouTubers are a doing now a days and it could add more traffic to your channel.

The following are June and July's loot crate openings by Prodigy Kyo. Be sure to check him out, he posts great content and doesn't get the love he deserves as a YouTuber.

Came in Octobers pack last year.
Came in Octobers pack last year.
Selling the individual items in loot crate can make you a nice profit.
Selling the individual items in loot crate can make you a nice profit.


You could also go around and sell this stuff for a quick profit. If you get the 12 month subscription and pay about $12, all you need to do is sell the things inside for at least 2-3 dollars or $10-15 for more awesome things, and you would make a couple bucks each month. Or if you created several subscriptions and sold the contents you could make a lot of money really fast. It's best to sell some of these products on Amazon and some on Ebay, then see what sells more and focus on that site.

How To Get Past Items

Well loot crates items are usually exclusive, so the only way to get previous month subscriptions would be to go on Amazon and buy them there. This is however beneficial if you plan to sell the items, especially if it has been a few months since you box was released.


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    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 2 years ago from Australia

      I had heard about loot crate in passing, it's a fun idea and I think it will be quite successful for many years to come but just not for me!

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 2 years ago from sunny Florida

      I will have to share this with my grandson...he may find this something he is interested in.

      Angels are headed your way this evening ps