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What Level Does Croagunk Evolve?

Updated on March 30, 2012

What Level Does Croagunk Evolve At?

What Level Does Croagunk Evolve At?
What Level Does Croagunk Evolve At?

Any Questions?

Got any questions about what level Croagunk evolves at? Or any other Pokemon questions? Or maybe you just want a free Croagunk?

If so get over to and check out the Pokemon forums there. They can give you free Pokemon and free items, as well as answering any Pokemon questions you might have.

What Level Does Croagunk Evolve At?

Question: What Level Does Croagunk Evolve At?

Answer: In Pokemon one of the most important aspects of the game is evolution. It changes just about everything about a Pokemon

  • How the Pokemon looks
  • It's base stats
  • The moves it can learn
  • Often the ability of the Pokemon can change - gaining abilities such as Swift Swim

With all that in mind it comes as no surprise that we are very eager for our Pokemon to evolve. The good news for those looking to evolve Croagunk is that it is simply a case of levelling up. This is complete contrast to some complex levelling rules for things like the Duskull evolution chart.

So what level does Croagunk evolve? That entirely depends on you - you could use an everstone, or cancel evolution. But assuming you do neither of these, the minimum level that Croagunk can evolve into Toxicroak at is level 37.

This is much higher than many traditional Pokemon - a lot of whom evolve at level 20, such as the Zizagoon evolution chart.

Should You Evolve Croagunk?

So is Croagunk worth evolving? After all it's a pretty cool Pokemon in it's own right. I even prefer the aesthetic of it too it's evolution, Toxicroak.

But the answer is a resounding yes. Toxicroak is a pretty useful Pokemon for battling with...well worth evolving, and for those into competitive Pokemon battling, worth using in battle, in certain scenarios.

Why You Should Evolve Croagunk

Toxicroak is such a useful Pokemon it is in the OU tier of the Smogon battling tiers. This in itself is enough to suggest just how useful Toxicroak is...OU stands for Over USed, and is a tier of the most used and powerful Pokemon.

It has all sorts of advantages, from being able to use the consistently useful Swords Dance to the amazing ability Dry Skin.

So in short, yes, evolve it and enjoy the power and versatility it can bring to your battling team.

Croagunk Evolving into Toxicroak


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