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What / Where is Tier One Gear in "Order and Chaos"

Updated on November 25, 2018
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Jade is a gaming enthusiast. She has played video games for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around an engaging in positive vision.

Special mats used for T1 gear. Essence of death, essence of Eristar and Essence of Swamp.
Special mats used for T1 gear. Essence of death, essence of Eristar and Essence of Swamp. | Source

You Don't Need Tier 1 or 2, But Do You Want It?

T1 and T2 are extraneous to the game but do earn players achievement points. If you can get a full set, then showing it off can be fun. You would be surprised as to which players think it's pretty cool.Don't cross your bridges before you come to them.

Don't cross your bridges before you come to them. You can buy patterns with soul signets, but they also drop in corresponding dungeons. Souls are precious, so only buy these patterns when your sure it won't drop. Don't forget to check the AH for the patterns.

Tier one gear is the easiest epic set to obtain. I feel that it needs commentary because so few people understand how tier sets work, and where to get them. Each class has a set for each spec. That means that every class has two different sets (mages have one).

You know a set belongs together because every piece shares the same base name.

Tier 1 drops in the form of blue gear, and you use your business skill (crafting) to turn them into epics.

T1 Patterns are drops and are sold at vendors.

You need at least master crafting to make T1 epics.

The gear drops in the first three epic dungeons:

KPL = Knahswahs Prison Legendary Mode

RKL = Relic's Key Legend mode

ETL = Eristar Temple (Young Dirties Realm) Legend Mode

This gear can help you get the edge up in the next set of dungeons, which brings you tier 2 epics.

T1 gear offers unique set bonuses when you collect multiple pieces.

Some people will decide this gear is not worth the time, but avid players suggest you attempt to collect both T1 sets for the achievement, which rewards with a fragment of Epoch.

At legendary business skill, you can use the fragments of epoch to make an essence of Epoch.

Essence of Epoch are used to craft T3 gear.

If you get stuck, you can purchase this gear with runes and the patterns with soul signets, as well as the epics themselves.

There are T1 vendors, who sell the blue gear. Each vendor is located in a different place in the city. Here you can use runes to buy the blues.

After tier one comes tier two.

Tier one mili pattern.
Tier one mili pattern. | Source
T1 blue that will be crafted to epic at master crafting.
T1 blue that will be crafted to epic at master crafting. | Source

Monk Tier 1

There are two tier one sets. One is for divine monk, and the other is for martial monks (mili).

The divine monk blue gear is called Healer of God. Here is the epic set::

  • Legguards of Devout Healer of God
  • Handguards of Devout Healer of God
  • Hood of Devout Healer of God
  • Robe of Devout Healer of God
  • Shouldpads of Devout Healer of God
  • Shoes of Devout Healer of God

Total Set Stats, including bonuses

Armor: 416

Stamina: 58

Wisdom: 130

Spell Crit:: 85

Healing Power: 345

Mana Regen: 53 Per 8 Sec

Rapid Healing increased by 10%

Cool Down of Prayer of Pure Faith Reduced by 60 Seconds

The Martial (mili) blue gear is called Holy Punisher's Here is the epic set:

  • Furious Holy Punisher's Handguards
  • Furious Holy Punisher's Hood
  • Furious Holy Punisher's Legguards
  • Furious Holy Punisher's Robe
  • Furious Holy Punisher's Shoes
  • Furious Holy Punisher's Shoulder Pads

Total Set Stats, including bonuses

Armor: 493

Stamina: 38

Strength: 130

Attack Power: 316

Crit: 81

Hit: 77

Tiger Claw Strike damage increases 5%

Increases the duration of Brutals by 7 seconds

Tank T1 patter that dropped in KPL.
Tank T1 patter that dropped in KPL. | Source
Tank T1 blue.
Tank T1 blue. | Source

Warrior Tier 1

There are two warrior tier 1 sets. One for battle and one for guard.

The Warrior Battle blue gear is called Violent Killer's. Here is the epic set:

  • Crazy Violent Killer's Boots
  • Crazy Violent Killer's Breastplate
  • Crazy Violent Killer's Gloves
  • Crazy Violent Killer's Helment
  • Crazy Violent Killer's Legguards
  • Crazy Violent Killer's Shoulderpads

Total Set Stats, including bonuses

Armor: 3870

Stamina: 50

Strength: 124

Attack Power: 326

Crit: 84

Hit: 71

Swift Strike damage increased by 5%.

Decreases the cool down of decapitate by 5 seconds, and decapitate recovers 40 morale.

The Warrior Guard blue gear is called Strong Defender's. Here is the epic set:

  • Stable Strong Defender's Boots
  • Stable Strong Defender's Breastplate
  • Stable Strong Defender's Gloves
  • Stable Strong Defender's Helmet
  • Stable Strong Defender's Legguards
  • Stable Strong Defender's Shoulderpads

Total Set Stats, including bonuses

Armor: 5012

Strength: 80

Stamina: 1050

Dodge: 147

Perry: 69

Increases threat effect caused by swift strike for 3 sec.

Courage increases blocking chances by 12%.

Mage T1 patter, drops in KPL and can be bought with souls.
Mage T1 patter, drops in KPL and can be bought with souls. | Source
Mage T1 blue.
Mage T1 blue. | Source

Mage Tier 1

Fire and frost mages use the same set tier 1 gear. This one set covers both types of mages.

The frost AND fire mage T1 set is called Vanishing Magician. Here is the set:

  • Magic Spill Vanishing Magician's Handguards
  • Magic Spill Vanishing Magician's Hood
  • Magic Spill Vanishing Magician's Legguards
  • Magic Spill Vanishing Magician's Robe
  • Magic Spill Vanishing Magician's Shoes
  • Magic Spill Vanishing Magician's Shoulderpads

Total Set Stats, including bonuses.

Armor: 536

Wisdom: 140

Stamina: 63

Spell power: 197

Spell Crit: 76

Spell hit: 70

Firebolt and frostbolt damage +5%

Effect: Triggered by firebolt an frostbolt. Decreases casting time, stacks five times. Crit hit cancels effect.

Ranger T1 pattern.
Ranger T1 pattern. | Source
Ranger T1 blue.
Ranger T1 blue. | Source

Ranger Tier 1

There are two sets for rangers. One is for assassins and the other for archers.

The Ranger Assassin set is called unfeeling sneak chargers. Here is the set:

  • Unfeeling Sneak Charger's Boots
  • Unfeeling Sneak Charger's Breastplate
  • Unfeeling Sneak Charger's Gloves
  • Unfeeling Sneak Charger's Helmet
  • Unfeeling Sneak Charger's Legguards
  • Unfeeling Sneak Charger's Shoulderpads

Total Set Stats, including bonuses:

Armor: 1005

Agility: 128

Stamina: 44

Attack power: 331

Hit: 72

Crit: 83

Shadow strike +5% damage.

Increased chances of triggering deadly haste by 25%.

The Archer Ranger set is called Keen Track Killers. Here is the set:

  • Keen Track Killer's Boots
  • Keen Track Killer's Breastplate
  • Keen Track Killer's Gloves
  • Keen Track Killer's Helmet
  • Keen Track Killer's Legguards
  • Keen Track Killer's Shoulderpads

Total Set Stats including bonuses:

Armor: 1005

Agility: 126

Stamina: 48

Ranged attack power: 403

Hit: 73

Crit: 86

Increases rapid shot damage by 5%.

Acute toxicity deals 210 additional poison damage over 3 seconds.

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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    • profile image

      A Nony Mouse 

      3 years ago

      Yeah I've noticed they moved all the vendors in GM for tier 1 and tier 2 pve gear but idk where they went? do you???

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      where can u buy T1 gear with runes? i have 5/6 might spend some runes depending on cost


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