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What Getting Into YouTube Gameplay Commentating Can Do For You

Updated on September 7, 2011

One of my more popular videos

What is game-play commentating?

Game-play commentating is a relatively new idea that has come about in the past few years. In its simplest form, game-play commentating is just that, talking and commentating over videos of various games. While it doesn't sound very interesting or much fun, once you really get into it, it can be a ton of both.

Some of the more popular commentators on YouTube have made quite a bit of money doing this, however that should not be the number one driving force behind someone wanting to get into the hobby. I call it a hobby because the vast majority of people doing it will never see a dime from it. Those who do it for the right reasons, the sheer enjoyment of getting feedback from your peers, can see magnificent results. YouTube personalities such as Seananners, Hutch, OnlyUseMeBlade, and WoodysGamerTag did not get "famous" because they wanted to make a quick paycheck. If you go back and watch all of their earlier videos, they almost all wanted to showcase their skills and just happened to have the great personalities that got them noticed. Woody is an exception to that rule, because he is not the greatest player, and will be the first to admit that, but he does have a wealth of knowledge and an interesting insight on different subjects that make his videos popular.

Another well received video.

How I started.

I have wanted to begin doing my own commentaries for quite some time now, call it a year, but could never get the courage to do so. The fear of rejection from my peers and criticism mixed with never being as good as the legends on YouTube deterred me from it. Then I found hubpages. This site intrigued me from the very beginning. I could write, basically anonymously, and receive feedback and critiques. That's when I realized, I could do basically the same thing on YouTube. No one needs to know who I really am, if by the odd chance someone I know sees the video, I probably won't be the person they are thinking of when they see it so they won't put 2 and 2 together.

My 13 year old brother has even gotten involved!

Why commentate?

For me, commentating is my way of expressing my opinions and things that I have learned of the last 15 years of video gaming. I also try to provide useful information, tips, strategies, that I think will help other players improve their own play. I look at gaming, first person shooter gaming especially, as a new sport. We have analysts and commentators for every other major sport (see football, baseball, soccer) why not these competitive virtual sports?

At first I had trouble thinking of topics to talk about, until someone in a game asked me, "How do you stay alive so long?" This was in Call of Duty Black Ops, so it made me think. If this guy wants to know this, I'm sure others would appreciate the tip as well. A few days after creating the video I began to receive messages and comments thanking me for the tips and players telling me that they had noticed an improvement in their game play after implementing them. From that point on, I was hooked. I had actually impacted someone and made their hobby more enjoyable, by talking about a game. How cool is that!

I personally get the same enjoyable feeling of accomplishment when someone leaves a positive compliment on one of my videos as I do when someone leaves a thumbs up or nice comment on one of my hubs. They are in essence the same thing, just different means of conveying my thoughts. If I can inspire one person out there who has been on the verge of doing either commentaries, or writing hubs like this, to actually move forward with it, then I feel I have done my duty.


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  • thebeast02 profile image

    thebeast02 6 years ago from Louisiana

    That would be great. Hopefully they enjoy it and maybe even get into commenting themselves.

  • pedrn44 profile image

    Sandi 6 years ago from Greenfield, Wisconsin

    Very interesting My sons are avid gamers. I wonder if they ever thought of commentatingor if they watch the videos. I'll have to introduce them to TheBeast02 Channel!

  • xkamronx profile image

    xkamronx 6 years ago from Utah, USA

    I loved this. I've always wanted to get in to video commentating and reviewing, but my computer can't really handle recording at the moment =/