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What are Lightcore Skylanders Giants?

Updated on February 1, 2013
Skylanders Swarm
Skylanders Swarm

Lightcore Skylanders Explained

The Skylanders franchise was the first video game to succesfully connect real world toys to a video game. The first of these was Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. The interface that connects the Skylanders figure with the game is the Portal Of Power. When you place a figure on the Portal it is immediately transported to the video game. The Portal Of Power glows in the Spyro's Adventure, but the figures themselves do not.

When Skylanders Giants was released, they introduced a new technology to a number of the figures, called Lightcore technology. This causes the special lightcore figure to glow when placed on or near the Portal Of Power. This is a really cool feature, and was a real hit with Skylanders fans. The other great thing about this, is that the figure does not need batteries. The power comes from the portal itself.

A List Of Lightcore Skylanders Giants

Not all of the new figures in Skylanders Giants feature this cool technology. There are eight Giant figures that do, and also two variant Giants. There are also eight regular Skylanders with Lighcore technology. Four of these regular figures are brand new, while four are series 2 figures (Characters in the first Skylanders game, that have been reposed for the Giants game).

Giant Lightcore Skylanders

Tree Rex



Hot Head




Eye Brawl

Legendary Bouncer (special legendary version)

Granite Crusher (exclusive variant version)

All Of The Skylanders Giants


Brand New Regular Lightcore Skylanders

Shroom Boom


Pop Fizz


Brand New Lightcore Skylanders

Series 2 Lightcore Skylanders




Prism Break

Series 2 Lightcore Skylanders Giants

Skylanders Tree Rex

Skylanders Tree Rex was the first of all the Giants, and was bundled as part of the Skylanders Giants Starter Pack. He was probably the first Lightcore figure anyone played. Being a Giant, Tree Rex is pretty impressive anyway, but when you put him onto the Portal, things get even more exciting. Tree Rex's eyes glow blue and the lazer beam at the end of his fist glows yellow. Cool!


Skylanders Hot Head

Skylanders Hot Head is the Fire Type Giant. When you place him on the Portal Of Power, the flames on his head glow orange. We were diappointed that his fist flames didn't glow too, but he is still awesome!

Skylanders Swarm

Swarm is the mighty Air Type Giant, and resembles something like an enormous wasp. When you put Swarm on The Portal Of Power he really glows brightly. Swarm's eyes glow white and the enormous stinger at the end of his arm glows bright yellow.

Skylanders Ninjini

We still do not have Skylanders Ninjini, but I did watch a video of someone who had bought a prototype version of her. The figure's lightcore worked, but didn't play in the game. This Magic Giant looked great, with her glowing white eyes and purple torso.

Skylanders Crusher

Crusher is a huge figure, and really feels heavy. His metalic design is really cool and we were looking forward to seeing him light up. Crusher didn't disappoint! When placed on the portal his eyes glow blue and the shoulder spikes on his armor glow bright green. Granite Crusher the variant edition looks a little different. He is painted a darker gray metalic color and his shoulder spikes glow turquoise.

Skylanders Bouncer

Like the rest of the Giants, the Bouncer figure is huge, This character is really cool, as he moved around on a tiny wheel, despite the fact he has a large body and set of weapons. When you place Bouncer on the portal his eyes glow white, and a cog on the breast plate of his armor glows orange.

Skylanders Thumpback

We don't have Skylanders Thumpback yet, but we have seen photo's of him on the Portal, and he does look great. This mighty whale figure has turquoise and dark blue glowing fists. When Thumpback does reach general circulation and, we do think it will be very soon, he is sure to be popular with fans.

Lightcore Thumpback


Skylanders Eye Brawl

This is another Skylanders figure that we are still eagerly awaiting. Since they are very scarce, there are not many photo's of Eye Brawl on the Portal Of Power, but we managed to find one.

Skylanders Eye Brawl has probably one of the best lightcore's. When placed on the portal, Eye Brawls giant eyeball glows an eery pale blue color. Cool!


LightCore Regular Skylanders

We only have three of the Lightcore regular Skylanders at present. These are Prism Break, Drobot and Eruptor. We were most impressed by Prism Break, whose huge crystal arms glowed a bright jade green. Eruptor was also great, he had an orange light that glowed within his mouth giving the impression that he contained glowing lava. Drobot was the only character we were a little bit disappointed with. He just had one small area on his back that glows orange.


Do You Have Any Lightcore Skylanders? Which Do You Like Best?

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