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What can we expect from Star Fox Zero?

Updated on September 6, 2015

StarFox Zero

Last E3 We got a glimpse of the new star fox game that was to come, StarFox Zero. The game is already around the corner being released at the end of November, we have gotten to see a glimpse of what the game has to offer. Many people have played demos at E3 and we have seen videos of the trailers Nintendo has offered to show us.

The tree house has even shown us game play for StarFox Zero so we have a good idea at where the game play stands right now.

As it stands, what can we expect from this game. We have to remember what the series has offered before and what kind of age we are in with Nintendo. Can we expect good things from this or will we see some worse things from the Star Fox series?

The Trailer Shown at E3

What Have We Seen?

From the trailers and videos we have seen the game in action.

The visuals look amazing which is to be expected of the WiiU. Compared to older Star Fox games this is something we have not seen before. Speaking of visuals, everyone seems to be a bit furrier than before. Fox has a lot more clear fur over the older styles that had it more streamlined. This is to show for the new visuals of the games as foxes and other furry creatures do have fur on them. The water, the ships, everything about it does look like an upgrade.

The game play looks a lot closer to StarFox 64 than past games, we have a lot more focus on the faster game play than other StarFox titles have had happen.

The Last Star Fox Game Released


The Last Original StarFox game released was in 2006

Looking back at release dates the last original StarFox game released was back in 2006 on the DS, StarFox Command. Star Fox 3DS was released in 2011 but that game was a remake of the original Star Fox 64, the best rated Star Fox game in the series. Looking over what what game rankings has for how well each game is recieved, Star Fox Command and Star Fox Assault the last two released Star Fox games were not the well recieved compared to older titles. Star Fox 3DS did fantastic but a lot of that is being a portable remake of the original Star Fox 64.

This has been an issue with some of Nintendo's IPs where they have been seen in games like Super Smash Brothers but seem to not be coming back in other such game titles. StarFox is finally getting it's return after the long wait after so many years of being gone.

Part of the reason, aside from Star Fox Assault and Star Fox Command not being up as high as the SNES and 64 Star Fox games. is due to the fact this game in particular was suppose to be released on the Wii.

The main reason we are seeing it now instead of before is due to the fact the WiiU supports a lot more of what this kind of game wants to be, it uses the game-pad to add more to the gaming experience along with the rest of the game being brought back up. I do think this was for the best, as it seems this game is looking very well off and a lot better than what it could have been.

PAX Prime Gameplay Demo

StarFox Zero First Impressions

What did People who Played the Demo Though?

For the most part, people have said positive things about the game. Many complaints seem to be centered on a few things.

The first is the controls, some people had a few issues with the controls but many was getting used to the new controls. Many people who made these complaints seemed to actually pull back on it the more they got to play the demo. They more they played it, the more that they were able to enjoy it. A lot of the complaints seemed to be centered on the new options available. Many of these might be a slight issue to getting into it, less so over the controls being bad.

The second is the graphics, which I admit I see some mixed things in this. I don't agree the graphics are bad by any means, I think it is the best in the series by far. The issue is compared to other new games. For me it is aspects of it. The ships and the combat look wonderful, the background mountains and such do not look that well polished. Though it was a demos so maybe it will improve, but overall I do think the graphics are fine especially when there are no frame rate drops.

The last one is the fact a lot of people think the game is too much like a new update Star Fox 64, this one I can see the resemblance and why people might get this impression. Though two things come to mind. One, why is this a bad thing? They seem to want to stay true for a new game to the main games that did the best review and apparently sales wise. The second is, a lot of this is still not confirmed given we haven't seen all of the rest of the things this game has to offer. So we still need to wait and see what will happen with this game.

The main pros still remain to be these.

The game play is still overall amazing. The graphics, while some aspects I get, are the best in the series. This game looks to be a great addition to the series from what we have seen thus far.

In the end, what is to come?

I expect it to be a solid game overall. Many people so far off first impressions say it is around the 8/10-9/10 range. Many people think this game going to be what will bring new life into the Starfox series.

There might be a few issues people are bringing up but overall people seem to be loving what this game has to bring when it releases this November.

I have high hopes myself, and I do see this game bringing back life into this series.

You excited for StarFox Zero?

You excited for StarFox Zero?

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