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What is Coin Roll Hunting?

Updated on March 25, 2013

Coin Roll Hunting (often abbreviated CRH) is a good way to collect coins at cost. It is for the treasure hunter and coin collecting enthusiast. The premise of CRH is to get rolls of coins from a local banks, sort through them for ones you like and return the rest to a different bank. You can do this to add coin to your collection, find silver coins that are worth much more than face value or find rolls of band new coins that have a low mintage and values above face value now or in the future.

Tips and Tricks

The best way to get coins in by the box. The boxes come in the following amounts:

$25 - Pennies

$100 - Nickels

$250 - Dimes

$500 - Quarters

$1000 - Half Dollars

$1000 - Golden Dollars

Be very nice to the tellers, sometimes they don't want to give you what you want cause they are lazy or do not know that people might want a whole box of coins.  Friendliness goes a long way.

Never return the coins to the same bank.  You don't want to look through them twice and also this may anger the tellers you got the coins from.

If you are looking for silver and aren't finding any at all, it could be that someone else is using that bank to drop off their coins or the tellers are already looking before you get them.  Try another bank.

What To Look For

It is fairly easy to collect a whole set of Memorial Pennies to fill a Whitman Coin Folder. Wheat Pennies are harder but you should get an average of one Wheat Penny in every other penny roll. You can also fill Jefferson Nickel Whitman Coin Folder 2 and 3 very easily directly from the rolls. Other things people collect are silver dimes and silver half dollars from coin rolls. As of right now they are worth about 10 times the face value. Any Dime 1964 and older is a silver dime and any Half Dollar 1964 and older is a 90% silver half dollar with a value of about 20 times it's face value and 1965-1969 are 40% silver half dollar which is worth 10 times it face value. Silver nickels are very hard to find in rolls but can be found sometimes. These are referred to as Silver War Nickels and were minted from 1943-1945. They are worth about $1 each.

Other people look for rare varieties and errors. The only great book about these rarities is The Cherry Pickers Guides Volumes 1 and 2. Some rarities are worth thousands of dollars and you may find them while you are Coin Roll Hunting.


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    • Adventure Colorad profile image

      Adventure Colorad 7 years ago from Denver,CO

      Very good information, it's also a good idea to check old rolls of coins from relatives or estate sales. You never know when the coins were rolled. If they were rolled a couple decades ago, coins that were common then may be worth something now.

    • profile image

      Coin Roll Hunter 7 years ago

      Seeking out half dollar rolls is definitely your best bet for finding silver. It always amazes me how many of the 40% silver coins are still out there.