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What is: Don't Starve

Updated on November 16, 2013

What is it?

Don't Starve is a survival video game, in where, there is simplicity and action all pieced together in simple artwork and landscaping. Most people want good graphics and good gameplay, but you won't find amazing graphics in Don't Starve, what you'll find is simplicity at its best, and I must say it worked out well, because it is really good.

It is however in its BETA which means that it's not yet fully a game. People playing the BETA are still testing it, looking what needs improvement, for me all it needs is more content, bring in different things more into the game then you have a perfect game.

Survival, hard in real life, easier in games. Don't Starve in default mode of survival is quite easy, but as the days go, it becomes harder and harder, you will see changes in every single part of the map, new creatures and new enemies, the hardest part of all is adapting. We'll talk more about that later.

Don't Starve?

Starving is not only the problem you're going to encounter in the game, there are different wide array of creatures that has the intent and has the power to kill you. Handling them becomes a priority, then once you get used to it, things will be in a breeze, for a while. The game has the ability to put you in the corner at times that you don't see coming and never realized its happening. Surviving in this cruel world(made randomly every time you start a new game) is rather easy, but later on becomes hard.

There are wide arrays of creatures, there are also a wide array of items you could make and create, in the forms of weapons, food thingies, stuff like clothes and weather equipment. All these things you could make once you get the proper materials. The Proper Materials don't grow on trees however(trust me, I know), they are placed in random places in the map, you have to find them and gather them. Some grow back, some don't so be careful what you pick, and sometimes harvesting them too much have Dire consequences that could possibly kill your character.

You can, however, change the growth of food, resources, creatures, before the start of a new game. You can adjust it in a way you want to(make it easier or harder), you can also tweak the map(make it smaller or bigger) all these things to make a perfect experience, I do suggest to play it in Default mode, because there are more surprises there.


The game is fully centered at surviving, there are however a different world, that you can enter after you found the door to its dimension, however, it's always fun just to play the game and see how long can you go. Personally,still being new in the game, I survived 23 days or so, and to tell you guys it gets harder after 23 days.

Everytime you play the game, and die, you receive experience points, points that you need to unlock different characters, each character with different powers and items, that you can use to survive. Some are stronger than others at some points, but some are weaker than others at some points. To make it simpler, all characters have their pros and cons, that means that their not imbalanced. Example, Wilson has higher sanity than Willow, but Willow has a lighter and can provide a never ending source of light. Things like that effects the game and your play style.( I recommend Wilson because he has the most balance of stats and he has a cool awesome beard that grows longer during the game.)

As I have stated earlier, the gameplay constantly changes because of the changes in the world itself. In some point you just have to collect food, at some point you have to explore and fight, at some point you have to fight. Different things happen in the game, and consequences are rather devastating. Knowing the consequences and noting them down is always good, but playing the game for the first time without walkthroughs or guides( Not that they really help) is always good because you always have that "I'm going to die" feeling and you just wish of another day of living.

There are also different items that you unlock during the game. As you craft different things, they lead to different new items that are pretty cool to have and pretty strong. The strongest items in the game, however, requires the rarest items in the game, that you mostly can harvest once, or they are dropped by really strong creatures.

Loots are always good to have in games and there are a lot of them in Don't Starve. Just think of the loots as the same as Diablo loots because some loots that the monsters drop are rather rare, and these rare items are mostly guarded by stronger creatures.


Don't starve is an amazing game and I really suggest it for everyone. It has a good challenge(depending on how you want the game to be, as you can adjust it before you start a new game.) and a world that is always constantly changing. The thrill of this game is that you never know what happens next and that you don't know what you haven't discovered yet. Surviving is always fun, but living, living in this world is just great and plainly purely ecstasy.

When you know the essentials of the game, it becomes easier for you to survive, however there still things that you can't predict, so in the end you will always die. So Don't Starve out there guys!


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