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What is Lootcrate?

Updated on May 4, 2015


Each month Lootcrate selects a theme for their upcoming box of goodies. This is likely the only clue to the contents as it's an otherwise blind affair. The April theme was fantasy and the contents were in keeping with this. These weren't off the shelf items from your local brick and mortar but rather awesome collectables such as a Princess Bride deck of playing cards, a Game of Thrones 4GB USB stick and a Tee to show some love for Dungeons and Dragons. If fantasy isn't your thing then other covered theme have been video games, anime, and robots. Due to the rotational nature of the service these are sure to come around again with new awesome collectables.

How Much?

As a subscription service Lootcrate has various options. You can sign up on a month to month ($13 a month) basis or even a year long plan ($215.40 annually). The longer the plan, the more you can save overall but there is currently a consistent shipping and handling fee of $6 per crate across all plans. I'm not in love with that and basically brings the monthly cost to about $20 a month. Fortunately the actually monetary value of the contents outweigh this. Also, some of this stuff is so awesome it might qualify as priceless such as a T-shirt that mashes up Loki and The Joker into a smirking ball of maniacal coolness. Lootcrate claims that the contents of every crate are valued at over $40 and given the regularity of custom T-Shirts and high quality items this claim appears legitimate.

Why I subscribe.

I've been a geek for the vast majority of my life and Lootcrate just scratches that itch for odd and unique goodies i never knew existed. I'm into a lot of different fandoms as well so the rotating themes keep up with my desire to always get my hands on something new or maybe dip my toe into unexplored corners of the ever expanding geek world. It also rekindled my interest in Dr. Who, so there's that. I also use the boxes (which come in various sizes) to store items around my place like receipts, charging cables, and other loose goods. The come in black which kinda goes with everything.

My Lootcrate finds

Not So Serious
Not So Serious
You killed my father. Prepare  to GO FISH
You killed my father. Prepare to GO FISH

Cool things I've gotten.

Since i've begun subscribing to Lootcrate I've gotten some awesome stuff. Some of my favorites include exclusive Funko Pop vinyl figures like a glow in the dark Groot, and Joker Themed Batman (pulling off that purple and green with that fabulous Joker smile). Game of Thrones has also been a recurring theme. I don't watch GoT but i can definitely appreciate the brand and the quality of the representative collectables. I love zombie themed things so you can believe that I was going crazy over the collectables from the October crate (Yeah there was a lot of The Walking Dead stuff so I was pretty happy). The Robot themed crate featured an awesome Tee shirt that had a Delorean Time Machine as a Autobot.

Loot facts

  • 12 Crates a year
  • Has apps available for iOS and Android
  • Previous crate content can be purchased ala carte from their site.
  • Each month a looter is randomly selected to receive the Mega Crate valued at over $2000.00.

What's your flavor

What's your favorite geek fandom

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Lootcrate: Yah or nah

Does Lootcrate sound interesting to you?

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Loot crate Plan Options

Length of Subscription
$13.95/mo (+$6 S/H)
3 Month Plan
$13.25/mo (+6 S/H) pd as $57.75
6 Month Plan
$12.95/mo (+6 S/H) pd as $113.70
1 Year Plan
$11.95/mo (+6 S/H) pd as $215.40


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