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What is Yogventures?

Updated on July 5, 2012

What is Yogventures?

Yogventures is the new game being developed by Winterkewl Games, based around the incredibly popular YouTube channel ‘BlueXephos’, more commonly known as the Yogscast, through their iTunes podcast. The two main people starred in the channel, Simon and Lewis, are involved to a small degree in the game, most likely to be voice overs, and I am hoping they have something to do with the game design too – giving their creative suggestions towards the game. They also helped get the game publicity, as the Kickstarter which was created to fund the game was advertised by them on their channel, and subsequently got $567,665 ‘pledged’ towards the game, which seems fairly average until you consider their maximum target was $250,000. The game will most likely be a computer only game, as moving over to the consoles would just make it clumsy, since joysticks can’t achieve the accuracy needed in world editing, whereas mice are perfect for the job.

But you are here to see what the game is actually about, right? Well, that’s the boring origins out of the way, this is the game:


The game is based around multiplayer (which should make it easy for the Yogscast to promote it, and was therefore probably made multiplayer-heavy for that reason), and, well basically put, it allows people to create their own game. However, it is being called ‘Map Editor’, as the options for map editing are more like that of Minecraft; such as landscaping/building tools, with the addition of what appears to be a small selection of AI, and the ability to create cut scenes after certain events. It is the type of game that could trick a 10 year old into thinking they have made their own brand new game. A good example is given in an interview between the Yogscast and Winterkewl games developer during E3, when he says ‘The map makers will be able to decide how they want the game to play, and one of the things they obviously want to do is put in jumping puzzles, and make it as hard as nails’, showing one way people can make their game work, if they desire. Once again, this is very much like Minecraft multiplayer, as people regularly make custom maps/mods, with challenges such as jumping puzzles.

There is a character design element, as shown when Simon flicks through a selection of beards for his character, however there hasn’t been much shown, which could suggest there just isn’t much customization, or alternatively, they are trying to keep it all to themselves until the beta release.


The character designs resemble that of old Spyro games, and the worlds/terrains look fairly familiar to World of Warcraft on its lowest settings, which is a strange mix, and also fairly uninteresting. There is nothing unique about the graphics whatsoever, however I presume Winterkewl know this, and took the gamble that their target market, which will probably be children aged 14 and below (with a few older exceptions) , won’t actually notice, and will enjoy the simplistic nature of them instead.

The footage that was shown at E3 was still in early alpha stages, so I really hope that the animations are going to be built on, because frankly, they may as well have not been there. Right now, it looks like a PlayStation 1 game.

Should you buy it?

If you enjoy the creative side of Minecraft, then I think this game is for you – especially given that the majority of the Yogscast community are all labelling this as a Minecraft rip-off. I personally see a small connection, but Minecraft is what gave the Yogscast their popularity, so having no relation between the two games wouldn’t be a smart move, since the customer base will most likely be the same.

This game also has some resemblance to Spyro – imagine being able to make Spyro levels (on the old games, not the recent versions), and it has a lot in common.

On the other hand, if you like an engaging game, that is prebuilt, and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout, this game will not be for you, and you will be disappointed; unless there are some fantastic map makers that come along and really make the most of the game.

Thanks for reading, and keep following BlueXephos on YouTube for more information.


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